Senior Leadership Team

The Libraries Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of the Dean, the Assistant Deans, the Director of the MacArthur Campus Library, and the Director of Library Information Technology Services. The group meets weekly, or more frequently when needed, and serves to discuss and make collective decisions on personnel, budget, policies, strategic planning and program review, as well as time-sensitive matters. The group consults extensively with the Libraries Leadership Team, as well as with individual library faculty and staff to gather information needed for decisions. The group has both an outward and an inward focus and members of SLT play a leadership role across the University and the state by attending meetings in lieu of the Dean and also by  serving as the primary liaison to important initiatives across the University and at the state level. Collectively they are able to ensure the smooth administration of the FAU Libraries. 

2022-2023 Membership
Linda Golian-Lui, Ed.D., Ed.S., M.S.L.S (Dean of Libraries) 
Amy Kornblau (Associate Dean of University Libraries)
Maris Hayashi (Assistant Dean for Collection Strategies and Discovery Services)
Victoria Thur (Assistant Dean for Special Collections, Archives, & Distinctive Collections)
Mahesh Neelakanta (Director of Library Information Technology Services)
Leah Plocharczyk (Director, MacArthur Campus Library)
Kristy Padron (Interim Assistant Dean of Public Services)

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