Wimberly Construction Updates

University Libraries Construction Notice (2024-2025)

We’re thrilled to share that University Libraries is kicking off a $4.2 million maintenance project for the S.E. Wimberly Library, running through February 2025. We know the library is a crucial part of your college experience, so we’re making these enhancements with you in mind.

Your access and convenience are our top priorities. We’ll keep you posted with updates on any temporary area closures. Thank you for your patience and support as we work to make our library even better for you!

Please review the attached schedule to find the best locations for your studies during the construction period:

Proposed Construction Schedule.pdf

Library Faculty and Staff Maintenance Impact and Solutions

Communicating with Units Affected by Deferred Maintenance:

We encourage everyone to contact potentially affected offices and units via email for a quicker response. Faculty and staff telephones may be down periodically during this maintenance period. Library employees' voicemail should reflect this. Requests for temporarily transferring telephone lines between offices will not be processed during this time.

Reporting Potential Interruptions or Work Issues:

Library staff and faculty are encouraged to discuss any issues that arise due to construction with members of the Senior Library Leadership Team (SLT) directly. SLT will then bring forth these issues during their scheduled weekly meetings to discuss and find potential solutions.

Staff and Faculty Ordering Additional Air Purifiers:

Staff and faculty are encouraged to notify their SLT representative if they need additional air purifiers for health concerns during the deferred maintenance period. Requests will be reviewed and addressed as needed.


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