FAU Libraries Strategic Plan

The Mission and Strategic Goals of the FAU Libraries 2020-2023

The strategic plan 2024 is currently under review.


As leaders at Florida Atlantic University, we connect people to knowledge and global communities of learning across time and space. Reimagining services and spaces, we enable users to explore, collaborate, educate, and create in their journey toward academic excellence and lifelong learning.

Strategic Goals

  1. Champion student success through alignment with the University’s research and instructional mission.
  2. Collaborate with university and community partners to foster technological innovation in service to the University’s mission. 
  3. Reimagine the physical and virtual spaces and services of the libraries to provide a welcoming, safe and effective place for people to explore, study, create, and collaborate. 
  4. Develop and strengthen a culture of assessment to provide for continuous improvement
  5. Cultivate a broad base of alumni and community engagement and support to promote excellence and innovation.
  6. Deliver excellent customer service by fostering an appreciative environment that engenders a skilled, inclusive, and innovative staff.
  7. Enhance the libraries’ leadership role in promoting diversity and inclusion for the Libraries’ patrons and staff.

On October 3 and 4, 2019, all faculty and staff of the FAU Libraries participated in a new phase of strategic planning to ensure that the Libraries are in synch with the University’s priorities and current strategic plan, A Strategic Plan for the Race to Excellence. The facilitator for the retreat was Ralph Parilla of Parilla Associates. Discussions were also informed from faculty, staff, and administrator surveys conducted prior to the retreat.  The strategic plan 2024 is currently under review pending the announcement of a new University President.

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