Special Event Policies

Users of the FAU Libraries must agree to comply with the policies found below, as well as the Florida Atlantic University’s University Policies and Procedures Manual. Users must also comply with appropriate state and federal laws, and fire and police department rules and regulations.

Failure to follow policies will be met with consequences including, but not limited to, corresponding fees, warning status, and/or restricted status eliminating an organization’s ability to make reservations for any facility managed by the FAU Libraries. Restricted status will be lifted only when outstanding balances on the organization’s account have been paid in full.

*Reservation Requests*

The FAU Libraries’ primary mission is to serve the students, faculty and staff of Florida Atlantic University. As an academic unit of FAU, the Wimberly Library also provides support for FAU’s partnerships with other institutions in the region, as well as its efforts to engage with and develop stronger relationships with the community at large. The use of the library’s spaces is weighted in favor of our primary mandate, therefore, there is much consideration for the normal functioning of the library without the disruption of the work of the students and faculty using it. Events may not occur outside of the library’s operating hours and all event requests are subject to the Dean’s approval.

  • Request a Room Reservation
    To make a reservation for any of the facilities managed by the FAU Libraries, please submit the appropriate request form on the Special Events page at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. A member of our team will contact you within 3 business days.
  • Reservation Time Restraints
    Library staff must be present in the building during events. Users will not be granted access to the building outside of operating hours. Groups are allowed access to their reserved space at the times listed on their reservation. If your group needs additional time to decorate or set up for your event, please notify your Event Coordinator to ensure that the room will be available at that time. Additional charges may apply to groups that do not adhere to their reservation times
  • Secure an Event Date
    Once you have received a response from FAU Libraries regarding availability and pricing, a 10% nonrefundable deposit of the base rental fee must be submitted to secure the event date. Dates will not be held without deposit and applicable signed agreements.
Audio/Visual Equipment

A/V equipment present in the reservable facilities is available for use with reservation and advanced notice. Users are able to provide their own A/V equipment. However, the library staff are trained exclusively on the setup of equipment available in library inventory. Assistance will be provided when available and able, but the guarantee of operational outside equipment is the responsibility of the user.


Due to high campus demand for meeting space, users who fail to cancel their reserved space or do not show up will be charged a cancellation fee. Repeated no shows and/or late cancellations will result in the suspension of privileges.

Unaffiliated Groups/Individuals & FAU Departments

  • 30 days or less prior to the event date - 75% rental fee forfeiture
  • 31 to 60 days - 50% rental fee forfeiture
  • 61 to 90 days - 25% rental fee forfeiture
  • 91 or more - Deposit only

FAU Registered Student Organizations

Reservations must be cancelled by 12:00pm (noon) no later than 7 business days prior to the event.

  • First Offense - Warning status
  • Second Offense - Restricted status for academic semester & departmental room rental fee
  • Third Offense - Restricted status for academic year & department room rental fee
Collection Drives & Donation Boxes

Collection drives sponsored by Registered Student Organizations and/or University Departments may request to place a donation box in the Library Lobby up to 3 times per semester for the duration of up to 1 week at a time with at least one week in between reservations. Users must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Perishable food may not be collected.
  • Event must be registered on Owl Central.
  • The box will be placed in a space designated by staff, and it may not be moved.
  • User must collect donations throughout the duration of their reservation as necessary to maintain the appearance of their donation box.
  • User must provide their own box in good condition with a label clearly identifying the donation cause and designated receiving charity.
Co-Sponsorship & Fronting

We recognize that events are sometimes co-sponsored by multiple organizations or entities; however, a University Department or Unit or Student Group may not reserve space on behalf of or for the use of an Unaffiliated Group so that the facility can be used at a reduced rate. This conduct constitutes “fronting” and is prohibited. FAU Libraries may deny or rescind permission to use the facility if it is determined that the use is not primarily for the benefit of the University Department or Unit or Student Group making the reservation.

Room reservation privileges are not transferable. A University Department or Unit or Student Group may not turn over a reserved facility for use by another user.

Custodial Services & Damages to Facility or Furniture

Users are expected to leave their reserved meeting space in the manner in which it was found. The user will be billed for repair or replacement costs, as well as the custodial services incurred as a result of the user's event. The user may incur additional charges if future events are affected by the damage.

All events with food & beverage are responsible for costs associated with work orders for trash bin delivery, trash removal, and any custodial services needed post event. Prices for services are not dictated by the FAU Libraries and questions regarding these services can be directed to FAU Facilities Management.

Decorations & Signage

The display of all materials and additional décor items must be approved by your Event Coordinator prior to the event. With advance notice, the FAU Libraries can provide basic directional signage within the building for your event. The FAU Libraries does not allow the following:

  • Affixing anything to the walls, floor, or ceiling with nails, staples, tape, or other means
  • Nuisance materials such as glitter or confetti
  • Candles (battery powered LED candles are recommended as an alternative)
  • Balloons that are not weighted or tied down
  • Fog machines (or similar devices emitting visible gas vapors)

If your group needs additional time to decorate or set up for your event, please notify your Event Coordinator to ensure that the room will be available at that time. Additional charges may apply to groups that do not adhere to their reservation times.

Entry & Exit into the Wimberly Library

For the safety of our patrons, the Wimberly Library is only accessible by Owl and Panther Card during all operating hours. Non-FAU affiliated visitors are required to register for a guest card with a valid government issued photo ID. For more information, please click here. Accommodations will be made for special events.

Special event vendors (catering, furniture rental, etc) will be required to access the building through the loading dock located on the west side of the building.
Filming, Photography, & Media

We welcome interest in using the FAU Libraries as a location to take photographs or film. In order to make sure that FAU has a strong, clear identity in the public arena, it is the policy of the University that any commercial production taking place on campus complete an On-Site Media Application.

Please notify your Event Coordinator should your event expect an outside media agency or government official in attendance.

Food & Beverage

Users who wish to have food and beverage present during their reservation in the library must notify their Event Coordinator at the time of the request. Chartwells is the exclusive vendor to provide all catering and food service needs on campus. For more information regarding their services, please contact FAU Catering at fau.catering@fau.edu or 561.297.3548.

All events with food & beverage are responsible for costs associated with work orders for trash bin delivery, trash removal, and any custodial services needed post event. Prices for services are not dictated by the FAU Libraries and questions regarding these services can be directed to FAU Facilities Management.

  • Alcohol
    Anyone wishing to serve alcoholic beverages during their reservation in the library must comply with the University's Alcohol Policy and submit an Alcohol Program Registration Form no later than 15 days prior to the event date for approval. Chartwells is the only authorized retailer of alcoholic beverages on FAU property.
  • Food Waiver Request
    Food from outside caterers and vendors may not be brought in for events held in the FAU Libraries without written approval. To request an exception from the catering policy, a Food Waiver Request Application must be submitted to FAU Business Services at least 10 business days prior to the event date.

    If the Food Waiver is granted, you must contact Environmental Health & Safety to complete the Temporary Food Permit Application and Food Safety Training. Once complete, a copy of your waiver and permit must be provided to your FAU Libraries Event Coordinator. 
Furniture & Room Setup

Due to limited furniture inventory and setup staff within the FAU Libraries, FAU Event Coordinators must seek setup assistance through time sensitive work orders. Unique setup requests must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date.

The capacity chart on our website describes the number of guests accommodated in each room in various setup styles. Maximum capacity estimates are approximate and not factor in space requirements for event functions such as catering and staging. Please consult with your Event Coordinator for more information and to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

Should you wish to utilize outside rental companies for specialty event furniture and equipment, please inform your Event Coordinator and review the Insurance policy.


All non-governmental groups not directly a part of the University or Student Groups must provide proof of public liability insurance coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 each claim (Property Damage & Bodily Injury) and $2,000,000 each occurrence (Property Damage & Bodily Injury) or $2,000,000 combined single limit (Property Damage & Bodily Injury) naming the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees, the Florida Board of Governors, the State of Florida and their respective direct-support organizations, officers, agents, volunteers and employees as added insured issued in form and by a company acceptable to the University. Additionally, all University Departments or Units, Student Groups, and governmental groups utilizing outside vendors to provide a service, which is operated under a vendor’s control, must require the vendor to furnish proof of public liability insurance coverage as outlined above. All certificates of insurance should be submitted to the University Risk Manager for review and approval.

Last Minute Changes & Requests

Our ability to accommodate last minute changes is based on time, staff availability, and resources. Requests for such changes will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Complicated room setups and last minute changes may result in additional charges.

Marketing Your Event

In effort to support the success of the events held within our facilities, the FAU Libraries welcomes the opportunity to share your marketing materials with our followers and guests. We encourage you to tag @FAULibraries on social media channels and contact libevents@fau.edu if you are interested in sharing marketing materials on digital signage located in the building.


Parking facilities are not owned or operated by FAU Libraries. Guests of events held in the FAU Libraries must follow the policies and procedures set forth by FAU Parking Services.

Room Rental Rates

To view the rental rates for meeting rooms in the Wimberly Library, please click here.


Should your event wish or require to have security presence, law enforcement services must be arranged with the FAU Police Department. A Special Event Request must be submitted online at least 10 business days prior to the event date.

Police presence is required if cash is exchanged at the event, regardless of who is collecting the money.


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