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What exactly is UBorrow, and how is it different from an ILL?

UBorrow is a loan service that allows FAU students, faculty, and staff to directly request materials from participating libraries within Florida's state University/College library system. Currently, you can only request books and a limited selection of media items via UBorrow.

ILL requests are open to all libraries that participate in the interlibrary loan of materials. Requests are not limited to books, but also include requests for articles, book chapters, and multimedia items. As ILL requests are processed by staff and include lenders outside of Florida, it can sometimes take longer to receive materials via ILL than UBorrow.

How do I place a UBorrow request?

UBorrow requests can be made with your FAU library card while using the Library Catalog. Step-by-step instructions on placing a UBorrow request from the FAU catalog can be found in the ILL Helpguide.

How long does it take?

UBorrows take on average five to seven business days from request to availability. You will receive an email notification when the item is ready for you to pick up.

How much does it cost?

UBorrows are free to borrow, however fees still apply for all lost or damaged UBorrow loans. You will receive email reminders before an item is due to allow you time to renew or return it. All UBorrow fees follow FAU Access Services policies.

Where do I pick up my UBorrow?
  • Boca and Jupiter campus UBorrows may be picked up and checked out at the Service desk.
  • Boca campus patrons may choose to pickup their request via our low-contact delivery system by choosing Locker Pickup - BOCA ONLY when placing their request.
  • UBorrow requests for HBOI campus are held on the Service desk. Please allow 2-3 business days for delivery from the Boca campus.
  • Students at Davie, Tower, and Sea Tech campuses will need to pick up their requests at the Boca campus library.
  • Faculty and staff at Davie, Tower, and Sea Tech campuses may have their UBorrow requests shipped via campus mail to their office. Please allow 2-3 business days for delivery from the Boca campus.
  • For more information, please check out our ILL Helpguide.
How long can I keep my UBorrow?

Your UBorrow loans can be renewed for a maximum loan time of 120 days from the time it arrived.

Can I renew my UBorrow?

Yes! UBorrows are eligible for one renewal, and the request must be made during the week before the item is due. For step-by- step instructions on renewing your UBorrow from your FAU library card, please check our ILL Helpguide for more information. Once you have requested a renewal, you should receive an email with the updated due date from the lending library.

Where do I return my UBorrows?

UBorrows can be returned wherever you return regular FAU materials. For a complete list, please check out our ILL Helpguide.

I got an email saying my UBorrow was recalled, what does that mean?

Sometimes the lending library will 'recall' the item. This means they are asking the item be returned immediately rather than by the original due date. This is at the discretion of the lending library only, FAU library staff cannot change the due date to allow more time. Please note, UBorrow will only allow you to have one copy of a book on your record at a time. You will need to return the book before you can place another UBorrow request for it.



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