"I have an unshaken conviction that democracy can never be undermined if we maintain our library resources and a national intelligence capable of utilizing them." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

"Promoting Access to Government Knowledge"

Welcome to the Government Documents Collection – the hub of intellectual curiosity, discovery, and learning! Whether you're a seasoned scholarly researcher, an inquisitive student, or a concerned citizen striving to stay informed, our collections are designed to ignite your passion for knowledge. Open to all who seek enlightenment, our collections serve as vital pillars in preserving our democracy. As John Adams aptly stated, "Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people." Let us embark on this enlightening journey together, contributing to preserving liberty for all.

The Federal Government Documents and Resources Collection boasts nearly 240,945 physical printed federal documents, alongside a growing electronic documents collection of 19,355. This transition to an all-electronic format by the Government Publishing Office (GPO) and the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) facilitates greater access and transparency into our nation's government activities. Regardless of format, all Federal Documents are accessible through the FAU Libraries catalog or our Federal Documents Collections page, where materials are organized into unique sub-collections.

The Florida Government Documents and Resources Collection comprises nearly 37,822 physical printed state documents, complemented by a continually expanding electronic format accessible through the FAU Libraries catalog. These resources are available through the Division of Library and Information Services and the State Library of Florida.

The Maps and Resources Collection features over 38,000 USGS, topographic, and political maps housed in map cases, with additional maps sourced from various federal agencies and integrated into the Federal Documents Collection. In addition to our physical map collection, explore the Map Collection at S.E. Wimberly Library and Beyond Subject Guide for a wealth of freely available digital map resources.


FDLP logo

Selective Federal Depository Library

Since 1963, the S.E. Wimberly Library has proudly held the designation of a Selective Depository Library (0107-B), catering to the informational needs of the 22nd Congressional District. As part of this esteemed role, the Government Information and Maps Department diligently receives publications from the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), established under Title 44, Section 19 of the U.S. Code (PDF). Governed by the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification system, this collection ensures meticulous organization and easy access.

Government information and government information products, funded by the government or mandated by law, are at the core of this collection, encompassing an expansive array of subjects. From art and architecture to business and economics, consumer protection to criminal justice, culture and folklife to education, energy and the environment to foreign and international relations, health and medicine to labor, laws and regulations to nutrition, and science and technology, these publications provide a wealth of both current and historical information. They serve as invaluable primary and secondary research sources, enriching the intellectual landscape for scholars, students, and the wider community.

Materials, formats, and media published by the government and found in depository libraries encompass a broad spectrum of resources in both print or tangible collections and digital formats:

Print or Tangible Collections:

  • Books: Covering many subjects, including history, science, law, and more.
  • Periodicals: Journals and magazines addressing various topics such as health, education, and economics.
  • Scientific and Technical Reports: Research findings, studies, and analyses in engineering, medicine, and environmental science.
  • Legal Resources: Statutes, regulations, court decisions, and legal opinions essential for understanding the law.
  • Maps: Geographic representations in different scales and formats, including topographic maps, thematic maps, and atlases.
  • Posters: Visual aids and informational posters highlighting government initiatives, programs, and public awareness campaigns.
  • Kits: Educational kits and resources assembled for specific subjects or audiences, often including multimedia materials, activities, and guides.
  • Pamphlets: Brochures and informational booklets offering concise information on government services, policies, and programs.

Digital resources, eBooks, and other online collections:

  • Digital resources: Online databases, datasets, and multimedia materials providing access to a wealth of government information.
  • eBooks: Electronic versions of books and publications available for online reading or download, covering various topics.
  • Other online collections: Interactive tools, webinars, podcasts, and multimedia presentations disseminated through government websites or online platforms, offering engaging and informative content to the public.

Please see our Government Information at FAU Libraries Subject Guide for more government information and resources.

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State of Florida Depository Library

The S.E. Wimberly Library's commitment to public access extends beyond federal resources and serves as a bastion of State of Florida Government publications. Since 1968, following legislation establishing the Florida State Publications Depository Program, our library has proudly held the designation of a State of Florida Depository Library.

The Florida Government Information Collection housed within our library is easily navigable through the Florida Documents Index, utilizing the KWIC Number Index for seamless access. As an official depository for State of Florida publications, designated under Section 257.05 of the Florida Statutes, we play a vital role in ensuring these materials are readily available to our patrons.

Located adjacent to the Federal Documents on the first floor west of the library, the State of Florida publications have their designated section, offering a comprehensive array of resources covering a broad spectrum of topics. Patrons can also explore the State Depository Catalog, further enhancing the accessibility and discoverability of these invaluable publications.

Please have a look at our Discover Florida Resources Subject Guide for more Florida government information and resources.

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