Maps and Resources Collection

"Maps encourage boldness. They're like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible." ~ Mark Jenkins

Maps in the Collection

Discover the rich tapestry of cartographic wonders within the Government Information and Maps Collection at FAU Libraries' S.E. Wimberly Library. Housing over 38,000 physical maps, this collection is a treasure trove of geographical exploration. From extensive collections of topographic, historical, geological, political, and topical maps to access to various digital map repositories, there's something to pique every interest.

All maps are conveniently located on the First Floor West, with exceptions noted. Should you require assistance in locating a map, our knowledgeable staff, including the Government Information and Maps Department Coordinator and Research and Instruction Librarians in LY 157, are on hand to help.

Utilize our map finder tool to explore our collection across different categories, complete with detailed descriptions and locations. For maps integrated into our regular government documents collection, search the FAU Libraries Catalog to locate them. Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with FAU Libraries' Map Collection today.

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Government Information Subject Guides

Explore the Maps at S.E. Wimberly Library Subject Guide, your online gateway to a diverse array of meticulously curated cartographic resources. Navigate easily through maps, atlases, geospatial data, and cartographic techniques, all conveniently accessible online. Whether conducting research, studying, or seeking geographic insights, this guide offers comprehensive online support. Dive into its digital depths today to unearth a wealth of knowledge and enrich your understanding of spatial representation, geography, and navigation. Click the link below to access the Maps Subject Guide and embark on your online journey of exploration and discovery.

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