Erase Hate

The FAU Libraries' initiative to embrace diversity and inspire inclusion


Erase Hate challenges the FAU community to learn about, embrace, and celebrate what happens when people of different backgrounds come together, exchange ideas, and push back against societal assumptions and expectations.  We believe a diverse and questioning community encourages inclusion, broadens horizons, and enriches everyone it touches. Erase Hate promotes a community of respect for all. 

Through this initiative, the FAU Libraries identified four major areas in which the library should focus diversity efforts in order to be successful.




Staff Training 

  • Safe Zone Ally Training - July 2019
  • Advanced Safe Zone Ally Training - December 2019
  • Best Practices for Serving Customers with Disabilities - December 2019
  • Equity in Action - February 2020
  • Intersections: A Cross-Cultural Conversation - July 2020

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