General Public and the Library Policy

Florida Atlantic University is one of 12 universities that make up the State University System of Florida. The FAU Libraries are funded to support the research and teaching needs of the University, and while support has remained at a stable level there has been a reduction in purchasing power due to inflated costs of library materials; see the Libraries' Materials Reduction Site for further details.

Like all other universities in the State University System, FAU is known as a state-funded public university. This causes confusion surrounding the notion that FAU library is a "public library." FAU is not a public library. City and county-wide public libraries are available for their residents (e.g. the cities of Boca Raton or Boynton Beach, and the counties of Palm Beach and Broward). The FAU Libraries are also not a part of a national public library system. The general public (i.e. those people who are not taking credit courses at FAU and who are not faculty or staff of FAU) are, therefore, not the client group whom the FAU Libraries are funded to serve.

One exception to this general rule is:  Eligible public library users in the participating area may obtain a SEFLIN One Card.

The general public is welcome to enter our buildings, use library materials without hindrance, and ask reference questions. We do, however, reserve the right to limit service to those who are not students, faculty, or affiliates of Florida Atlantic University. The use of our library is a privilege to be appreciated.

Questions regarding public service policies should be directed to Dawn Smith, Assistant Dean, Public Services.

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