General Public and the Library Policy

about public access to the fau libraries

The Libraries' Primary Service Groups 

Florida Atlantic University is one of 12 state-funded universities that make up the State University System of Florida. The FAU Libraries are funded to support the research and teaching needs of the University.  Therefore, the Libraries' primary service groups are FAU students taking for-credit courses, and current FAU staff, faculty, and affiliates.  

FAU as a Public University and Its Libraries  

FAU's status as a public university causes confusion surrounding the notion of the FAU Libraries as a "public library."  The Libraries are different than traditional public libraries that are available for their residents (e.g., Boca Raton Public Library or Broward County Library).  Its services and facilities are for higher education settings and differ from those offered by a public library.  The FAU Libraries are also not a part of a national public library system.

Using Library Facilities

Guests and the general public are welcome to enter our buildings, access most library materials, and use our available services during regular library hours.  See Welcome Guest for details. 

FAU Libraries at Partner Campuses and Joint-Use Libraries

The Libraries consist of the S.E. Wimberly Library (Boca Raton) and 2 partner campus libraries:

We also have joint-use agreements with the Broward County Library (Downtown / Tower Campus) and Broward College Libraries (Central Campus at Davie).  See their pages for hours, locations, policies, and additional information.

Computer and WI-FI Availability for Guests 

  • PCs are available in designated areas. 
  • Guest WI-FI is also available.

Study Rooms 

  • The use of study rooms and similarly designated spaces are limited to current FAU and Palm Beach State College students, faculty, and staff.


To maintain a safe and positive learning environment, all library visitors are to abide by the following:

We do, however, reserve the right to limit service to those who are not FAU students, faculty, or affiliates.  Disciplinary or legal action may be taken in response to violations per applicable laws and FAU policies.  The use of our library is a privilege to be appreciated.

Borrowing Library Materials

See Borrower Privileges for current details such as eligibility, numbers of books to borrow, and other available services.  Community users and the general public can do the following to get borrowing privileges:

  • SEFLIN One Card:  Patrons from participating SEFLIN institutions or libraries can request a OneCard.
  • Library Friends:  Members have privileges to most library services.  Please consult with Access Service staff or the Dean of Libraries  office for more information.

Off Campus Access to E-Resources  

Due to license agreements with companies who provide the Libraries with these services, only current FAU students, staff, and faculty can use our e-resources from off campus.  The following options are available to the general public:

  • Use the FAU Libraries' e-resources in one of its physical locations during its open hours.
  • Consult with your local public or institutional library for what they have available.
  • Florida residents or anyone within the state can use Florida Electronic Library.


Questions regarding public service policies should be directed to Access Services.

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