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The department maintains offices in the College of Medicine and the S.E. Wimberly Library buildings. The librarians continue to offer their virtual offices as a primary interaction point with our faculty, clinical affiliates, residents, students, and staff. In-person office visits are accommodated on request and masks are expected to be worn; accommodations can be made in alternative locations where physical space can be increased (e.g. a lobby or outside.) Please see below for more information on where to find us. 

Collage of three images. Left is Michelle Keba Knecht, wearing a black top against a light greige background, smiling with with shoulder length brown hair. Middle image is a photo of the south side of the COM building exterior. Left image is of Tiffany Follin, wearing a multi-colored bright dress of flowers against a white background, smiling with long brown hair and purple glasses.

Michelle Keba Knecht, MSIS, MSL

Senior Medical Librarian

Pronouns: She/ Her (what's this?)

COM Office: BC-71, Room 122

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Contact number: 561-297-0689

Tiffany Follin, MLIS, AHIP

Medical Liaison and Outreach Librarian

Pronouns: She/ Her (what's this?)

 Drop-in office hours: Monday-Friday, 11-3pm

Virtual Office:

Library Office: LY-3, Room 516

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Contact number: 561-297-3642


Department e-mail: 

Library Ticket: 


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