This page is a resource for tutorials and guides intended to help users navigate FAU resources.


Library User Guides

  • Clinical Affiliate Faculty
    • Guide offering tools, resources, FAU net ID & email support, Owl Card information, and more for clinical faculty. 
  • Residents
    • Guide offering general resources & tools for residents, as well as targeted program specific resources for cases, review questions, books and resources.
  • Clerkship Resources
    • Guide offering students tools, resources, exam prep, and publishing information for their clerkship. 
  • USMLE Resources
    • Guide offering students general and subject specific USMLE study prep resources. 
  • Medical Student & Resident Research Projects
    • Guide offering support for summer research projects. Find video demonstrations on the library's top medical literature search databases, as well as example articles published by FAU medical students & residents. 

Resources & Tools

  • Citing your Sources
    • View a list of reference management software, citation styles, and plagiarism resources, and more. 
  • Clinical Point of Care Databases
    •  Meet the Clinical databases, as well as how to access and use them. 
  • Database Quick Reference Resource
    • Comprehensive guide of all medical databases and tools, organized into sub-categories based on features. Quickly identify the resources in the FAU collection and which ones fit your practice. 
  • EBM Literature Search
    • Break down the literature search into the five EBM steps. Learn and review basic and advance search strategies; this guide focuses on Ask, Acquire, and Appraising the literature. 
  • Evidence Based Medicine
    • Delve into EBM resources, biostats resources, study design, and systematic reviews. 
  • Finding Images
    • Find out which FAU databases offer images, and where to search for freely usable images. 
  • Scholarly Communication Services
    • Discover topics such as copyright, Open Access (OA), journal research impact, open educational resources, scholarly publishing, and more. 
  • Mobile Apps
    • There's an app for that! And a guide. This guide lists the Libraries' medical resources that offer an app, as well as any special directions to register, access, and renew. Other tabs review COM resources, and apps that users may find useful for patient education, CME, classroom tools, and more. 
  • VitalSource Help
    • Vendor support page providing support articles, download links, and a contact support page.


Special Topics

  • COVID-19 
    • General audience resource page that include information on the COVID-19 vaccine, FAU research, Research & POC resources, patient education, fake news, and more. 

Core Books


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