University Libraries' Sustainability Initiatives Recognized at Earth Day Symposium

Libraries Investing in Our Planet: Save Blue. Live Green


Librarians Dawn Frood and Leah Plocharczyk from Florida Atlantic University Libraries were recently invited to speak at the prestigious annual Earth Day Symposium hosted by San Jose State University iSchool, focusing on Sustainability and Libraries. They were joined by Dr. Amir Abtahi from the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering.

University Libraries received recognition for its work that fostered the theme of this year’s event, “Libraries Investing in Our Planet: Save Blue. Live Green.” 

Libraries' “Save Blue” efforts include a past collaboration with the Taras Oceanographic Foundation to create a marine mammal stranding network that trained first responders. Library staff members were also given opportunities to participate in fieldwork that assisted with the photo identification of bottlenose dolphins to study behaviors and migratory patterns.

The Libraries’ efforts to “Live Green” are realized through a $115,000 solar grant that moves the institution one step closer to improving the environment by transitioning from brown to green power while engaging Florida Atlantic students, faculty, families, educators, and businesses in the surrounding community to share the benefits of solar energy. 

Learn more about the symposium and libraries' sustainability efforts here. 

Last modified at 05/26/2023 - 14:13 PM