Freshman Students Get a Taste of Academic Research with Help from Our Librarian

Students attended two library instruction sessions before conducting research used for a class poster project

Kristy Padron, Instruction Coordinator and Assistant University Librarian, helped freshman-level students use library resources for research projects that were presented in a poster symposium this week.

Students from Angel Nevin’s Student Life Skills course for the Psychology Learning Community were given a chapter to read from Oliver Sack’s The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, and had to form a hypothesis related to the topics they read in the chapter. 

Students presenting project


The students then spent two classes inside the library with Kristy learning more about our services and how to find information. While the students didn’t actually conduct scientific research on the topics, they did learn how to find professional and scholarly sources to support their hypotheses.

On Tuesday, the students presented their posters with the information taken from our journals and databases to the judges- one whom was Kristy!

“It demonstrates what our students are able to do because of the library services they receive,” said Kristy about the research posters. “It also shows how the library supports undergraduate research, which is a big emphasis at FAU.”

Great work to all the students in Nevin’s class and to Kristy who helped them along the way!

Students presenting their project

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