FAU Libraries Celebrate 50th Anniversary as a Depository Library for Florida Documents

The FAU Libraries have just received a certificate from the Florida Department of State commemorating our 50th anniversary as a depository library for publications of the State Government of Florida. Since 1968, our library has served as a center for research related to the Florida governmental agencies.

The certificate from the State Library of Florida celebrating FAU Libraries 50th Anniversary as a depository library for Florida Documents.

Over the years, we have seen countless students, faculty, staff and members from the community come to search through our documents, both digital and print. Patrons often turn to the depository resources for information on Florida laws and regulations, statistics, business climate, environmental issues, and state history.

“The Government Information and Maps Department has worked diligently to help library users discover and utilize Florida government information resources whether it’s books and magazines or online publications and websites," said Bruce Barron, Head of the Government Information and Maps Department. 

Student studying near Gov Doc

Within our collection, there are many interesting and unique state publications. Highlights include historical records of Florida Legislative Sessions (starting from 1854), Florida Heritage travel guides, current and past OPPAGA Reports (investigations of government programs and services), and useful practice tests for Florida Teacher Certification.

The state produces a large number of handy online resources to which we can direct students and other researchers. Some of the best include Florida Memory, Florida Historical Resources, Florida Information, and Florida E-Government.

Gov. Documents Resources

We’ve also seen firsthand how the information from the depository impacts numerous majors and people across FAU’s campus. Researchers in the fields of education, social work, public administration, business, engineering, and others have, and continue to, turn to these resources for needed information.

We are proud to have helped Floridians gain access to our rich state history for the past 50 years and look forward to 50 more. 

To learn more about our resources, head to the department’s Discover Florida Documents web page.  

Last modified at 01/14/2019 - 09:36 AM