Celebrate Every BODY Week

The FAU Libraries have compiled a list of books, e-books, and podcasts that students can reference if they are looking to develop a healthier relationship with their body and food. There is a range of resources including books that focus on self-care eating as well as memoirs that highlight people’s inspiring success with overcoming their eating disorders. At the bottom, there are a couple of podcasts that use engaging storytelling and science to motivate people to love their bodies more. 

Celebrate Every BODY Week serves as a reminder to focus on ways to accept and appreciate our bodies for all that they can do! The Libraries are partnering with Owls Care, The Body Project, Campus Recreation and CAPS to offer a virtual scavenger hunt. Join us throughout the week to learn more about how to further love and appreciate your body. 



Last modified at 02/22/2021 - 11:10 AM