Research and Instructional Services Department Policies - Non-Affiliated Users

Non-affiliated users of the FAU Libraries at the Boca Raton campus include community residents, public and private school students, corporate and business personnel, and other professional individuals. Students and faculty from other colleges not included in the affiliate list are also included in this group.

Services Provided to Non-Affiliated Users

Library Instruction and Orientations

Professors, teachers, and school media specialists are invited to schedule library instruction or orientations through Research and Instructional Services Department.  FAU Library Liaisons will plan these based on each group's specific needs. The following rules apply to non-affiliated group instruction or orientations:

  • All sessions should be arranged at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled library visit.
  • Teachers should provide copies of any class assignments at least one week prior to the scheduled orientation.
  • The maximum size for a group tour is 30. For a group of minors, at least one chaperone is required for every ten students.
  • Priority will be given to FAU students, faculty and staff in the use of all library resources and services.
  • Research and Instructional Services Department reserves the right to decline these requests due to staffing and other priorities.
  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated; consequently, individuals may be asked to leave.

Workshops and Tours

Priority will be given to FAU students, faculty and staff, but non-affiliated users are welcome to attend when space is available.

Research Assistance and Consultations

Research assistance and consultations are available for non-affiliated users. Consultations for non-affiliated users may be discontinued if they interfere with the librarian's regular library duties or disrupt the library's flow of operations.

Questions regarding Research and Instructional Services should be directed to Ken Frankel, Head of Research and Instructional Services.

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