Exhibitions Policy

*For Spring 2024, the Libraries are reviewing their space policies and currently pausing requests for exhibitions.

Current FAU students:  See the Student Art Exhibition Policy for its guidelines and to make a request. 

I. Statement of Purpose 
As part of their educational and service mission, the FAU Libraries host or curate exhibits that reflect the diversity of the FAU community and showcase the University's curriculum, services, activities, and collections. The Libraries welcome high-quality, non-commercial exhibitions of artistic and educational materials which educate, inform, and entertain our visitors.

II. Definition 
The Libraries define an exhibition as a thematic display of materials including, but not limited to, books, posters, documents, three-dimensional objects, and other artifacts that are accompanied by written commentary and / or labels for an approved period of time.

III. Exhibition Spaces 
The S. E. Wimberly Library has designated exhibit areas and display cases throughout the facility for exhibits. The Jupiter campus library has open wall space on its first floor for mounting exhibits. Exhibitions are free and open to the public, and may be viewed during regular library hours (with hours subject to change during holidays, intersessions, breaks, and other campus events).  If you wish to view our exhibit areas, you may visit the Libraries or view the images below.

IV. Types of Exhibits 

A.  The FAU Libraries welcome all types of exhibition requests for consideration.

B.  The inclusion of a library component is welcomed but not required.

C.  Priority is given to exhibitions prepared by FAU Libraries, FAU students, University organizations, and other members of the University community.

D.  FAU Libraries reserve the right to use or decline exhibit materials prepared by organizations not affiliated with the University.  

V. Security and Insurance 

A.  FAU Libraries cannot provide security for exhibits. Exhibition spaces referenced in this document are considered high-traffic areas.  FAU accepts no responsibility for damage to the exhibits while they are in the Libraries, being transported to the Libraries, or during their installation or take-down.

B.  The Libraries take no responsibility for misplaced, missing, or stolen items. FAU Libraries cannot insure any objects featured in exhibits.

C.  Any non-library employee who has been granted permission to mount an exhibit must complete an Exhibition Object Loan Agreement and provide it to the Libraries' designee before the exhibit is installed.

D.  In case of an emergency or natural disaster, the Libraries will follow established emergency procedures for securing the facility and collections but will be unable to make special provisions for non-library exhibit materials.  

VI. Exhibition Content 
The FAU Libraries subscribes to the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, which states, “Libraries that make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”  Some material in an exhibit may be considered offensive to some groups or individuals.  

VII. General Policies and Responsibilities 
In addition to following the terms defined in the Exhibition Policy, all exhibitors must abide by the University regulations and policies regarding conduct and behavior.

A. FAU and Related Policies 

  1. FAU Student Code of Conduct
  2. FAU Student Handbook
  3. FAU Regulations and Policies
  4. Library Bill of Rights (American Library Association)
  5. Bill of Rights, First Amendment (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

B. Exhibitor Responsibilities  

  1. Submitting a completed request via the Exhibits Request Form.
  2. Submitting a request to FAU Libraries at least ninety days prior to when the exhibit is to be mounted.  
  3. Providing all marketing collateral and messaging 14 days before installation of the exhibit.  
  4. If desired, providing 3 to 5 images that represent the overall theme of the exhibit;  send accompanying images at least 14 days prior to the exhibit to: lyexhibit@fau.edu.
  5. Obtaining branding approval from FAU Division of Public Affairs where necessary.
  6. Ensuring all exhibition materials adhere to FAU campus and FAU Libraries’ regulations and guidelines.
  7. Providing all in-exhibit signage (captions, titles, descriptions, signage, etc.) and ensuring the signage is properly printed and mounted for display.
  8. Ensuring that exhibit materials (i.e., props, displays) are structurally stable.
  9. Installing and removing the exhibit by the agreed-upon dates and during open library hours.
  10. Receiving approval from FAU Libraries for any distributed materials (print or digital) connected to the exhibition.
  11. Paying for any delivery costs associated with the materials.
  12. Paying for any costs incurred in exhibit installation and removal.  
  13. Returning all artwork and other materials to the rightful owners.
  14. Verifying that copyright laws have been followed.

FAU Libraries may offer guidance for requests and recommend other library or University units who can assist.  Exhibitors of approved exhibits who are from outside of the Libraries should be prepared to mount their exhibit without the assistance of library staff.  

C. FAU Libraries Responsibilities

  1. Reviewing the request, requesting further information if needed, and approving or denying the request.
  2. Approving the exhibition’s official title and a summary statement of the materials to be displayed.
  3. Approving all dates connected to the exhibit (i.e., installation, exhibit duration, and take-down).
  4. Coordinating with the exhibitor and the department responsible for any added Libraries' components.
  5. Inspection during set-up and final approval before any exhibits are open to the public.
  6. Integrating marketing collateral provided by exhibitor into Libraries' specific channels for Libraries’ marketing efforts, with final approval by the Dean of Libraries.  
  7. Evaluating exhibition processes and updating any procedures that may improve it. 

D. FAU Libraries reserves the right to: 

  1. Refuse exhibit requests without explanation.  
  2. Cancel an exhibit at any stage if the exhibitors have not met the policy guidelines and deadlines.
  3. Cancel, postpone, reschedule, or change the duration of an exhibit.
  4. Document all aspects of the exhibition and its contents for internal or external distribution.  This documentation may include but is not limited to: exhibition statements, descriptions, artists’ names, and any images of objects included in the exhibition.

VIII. Important Contact Information and Links: 

A.  Exhibition Policy  

B.  Exhibition Request Form

C.  Exhibition Object Loan Agreement (PDF)

D.  Additional information:  email lyexhibit@fau.edu 

This policy was reviewed and approved by the FAU Libraries Leadership Team in July 2017; Updated December 2023.  

Last modified at 01/12/2024 - 10:15 AM