Student Art Exhibition Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the Florida Atlantic University Libraries to serve as a place for temporary student exhibitions and to:

  1. Support educational and artistic activities of Florida Atlantic University students.
  2. Promote the intellectual, aesthetic and creative growth of Florida Atlantic University students.
  3. Offer additional opportunities for Florida Atlantic University student artists to showcase their work.
  4. Increase the knowledge of art activities among the Florida Atlantic University Library and surrounding communities.

Rules of Use

  1. The Library is not responsible for the safety of artwork on display. The library is not liable for any damages caused by installation, exhibition or disassembly of the art. We will take all precautions to protect the work from harm.
  2. The Library reserves the right to deny requests to exhibit artwork.
  3. Student library exhibits are facilitated by the External Relations Department, and each artwork will be decided on an individual basis.
  4. Students are responsible for delivery and pick up of their artwork to and from the library.
  5. Requests to exhibit in the Library must be arranged via email to Leah Plocharczyk at A Student Exhibit Form and Waiver Form is required.
  6. The length of time artwork is displayed will be discussed on an individual basis.
  7. The responsibility for the installation of the work will be the External Relations Department of the Library. No installation or removal can occur without prior approval. We have sole discretion as to the location where the work is displayed. You will be contacted after it is installed with the location.
  8. At this time we can only accommodate 2d work that is ready to hang when delivered. The artwork should be framed and wired [or hooks]. Failure to do so will result in the work not being displayed.
  9. The Library upholds the principles of the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics and the Library Bill of Rights. The Library supports the tenets of intellectual freedom and opposes efforts to censor library materials, programs and services.
  10. Students must sign a hold harmless agreement when they drop off the work.

Last modified at 11/19/2019 - 13:03 PM