Professional Development

I. Research Assignments

Librarians may engage in research assignments that demonstrate evidence of outstanding achievement in the area of professional development and scholarship.

A. For example, librarians might identify a research topic or problem, perform research, and publish or present the results in a publication or at a state, regional, national, or international conference.

B. Librarians may negotiate research time with their chair or supervisor and could be granted up to 10% release time per month during a semester. The research project will be included in the librarian’s annual assignment.

C. When librarians wish to take more than 10% research time, they must negotiate the release time with their supervisor and/or department chair and the FAU Libraries Director and fill out the Research Proposal Form. In the Research Proposal Form and in their Annual Assignment, the librarian will formalize the agreement and outline their research intentions and product.

D. Criteria for approval of research proposals include:

a. Degree to which results will benefit the Library, the University, the employee, and scholarship in general.
b. Need of the profession for breakthrough in this area.
c. Expertise of the applicant that would permit him or her to carry out the project successfully.
d. Outside funding (e.g. grant or joint project with an academic faculty member).
e. Well thought-out publication prospects (in scope for proposed journal, etc.).
f.  Current work load of the employee and the department in general.
g. Election or appointment to an administrative position in an appropriate association or scholarly society.

E. Florida Atlantic University Libraries Research Proposal Form

II. University Coursework

Library faculty may take up to six semester hours tuition-free per term at FAU.

A.The supervisor and or department chair shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for flex time regarding University coursework.

B. Librarians must have completed six months of continuous service at Florida Atlantic University and be in good standing with the University on the day before classes begin. For additional information on eligibility requirements etc. see the "Employee Educational Scholarship Program (EESP)".

C. Florida Atlantic University State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver Form 

III. Skills courses:

Librarians are encouraged to attend courses, workshops or institutes aimed at increasing various types of skills; e.g. computer or information technology skills. These courses may be offered through the Library, University, or organizations such as SEFLIN, the Southeast Florida Library Information Network.

IV. Sabbaticals:

Full-time Associate University Librarians and University Librarians who have completed at least six years of full-time service are eligible for sabbaticals. For additional information on eligibility requirements, terms of the sabbatical program, and an application see "Sabbaticals." 

V. Professional Travel:

Requests for professional travel will be submitted to the Director’s Advisory Committee upon request. Travel allocations will be determined for each librarian who submits a request and approved by the Director of Libraries for the next fiscal year.

Adapted from the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries Professional Development Program and Research and Creative Works.

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