Librarian Emeritus Policy

The title of Librarian Emeritus is an honorary title which may be conferred to retired librarians who have a long term history of meritorious service to the University and have a significant record in professional performance, research and scholarship. The awarding of this title is considered an honor and will not be automatically conferred on all retiring librarians.


  • The candidate must be retired from Florida Atlantic University. Librarians who select to enter the Phased Retirement Program or the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) are eligible upon completion of these programs.
  • The candidate must have held an appointment at the rank of University Librarian and continued to meet the University's standards of performance in all areas expected at this rank.
  • At the time of retirement, the candidate shall have a minimum total of twenty (20) years of active, full-time professional library service, with a minimum of ten (10) years as a librarian at Florida Atlantic University. Periods of leave with pay (for example, sabbatical leave, administrative leave) will be applied consistent with the FAU Libraries Promotion Guidelines.
  • The decision whether or not to award emeritus standing shall be based primarily on the candidate's record of demonstrated accomplishment in the FAU Libraries and the University in the three areas: {1) librarianship, (2) service, and (3) scholarship, research, and/or creative endeavor.


  1. Nominations may be made in writing either by a professional colleague within the FAU Libraries or by the candidate and submitted to the Libraries Faculty Assembly. The Faculty Assembly chair shall then refer nominations to the FAU Libraries Promotions Committee. 
  2. The candidate is responsible (in concert with the nominator) for compiling information to support the award according to the eligibility criteria listed above. Typically this will include an up-to-date curriculum vitae and additional supportive documentation. 
  3. The FAU Libraries Promotion Committee has primary responsibility for reviewing the packet for completeness and for making a recommendation to the Chair of the Libraries Faculty Assembly. The Chair will then call an assembly meeting to announce the nomination(s) and review the committee's recommendations for discussion at the assembly. A vote by written, secret ballot will be called for within 30 days of this assembly meeting. During this time all documentation submitted by the candidate will be available for review by the library faculty. 
  4. If the candidate's contributions to the FAU Libraries and the University are recognized as meritorious as determined by a simple majority vote of all Librarians, such determination then shall be transmitted to the Dean of Libraries. 
  5. The Dean of Libraries shall forward the documentation, including the Library Faculty Assembly's endorsement, with a letter expressing his/her recommendations, to the University Provost. The University Provost will forward the documentation to the UFS Honors and Awards Committee to evaluate the portfolio and make a recommendation. 
  6. The University Provost will forward all the documentation, including the University Faculty Senate's endorsement, with a letter expressing his/her recommendation, to the University President, who will make the final decision. 


The following privileges, to the extent available, will be provided:

  • Retired employee identification card
  • Use of the University Libraries resources and services
  • Listing the University Catalog*
  • Listing in the University Directory (when appropriate)
  • Placement on designated University/Libraries mailing lists*
  • Option to purchase a University parking decal at adjunct rates
  • Use of University recreational facilities, in accordance with University policy
  • University e-mail address*
  • A mailbox in the Library/department from which retired, subject to space availability*
  • Office space, in accordance with University policy and space availability*
  • Eligibility to participate in Library activities, on a non-voting basis
  • Participation in grant and contract endeavors with permission from the Vice President for Research.
  • An invitation to all formal faculty convocations and similar events including University Commencement
  • The opportunity to purchase tickets for University athletic and cultural events at faculty rates
  • The opportunity to make purchases at the University bookstore at the faculty rate
  • Eligibility to participate in training courses offered by SEFLIN, FAU Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the Libraries
  • Inclusion in Libraries cultural and award events*
  • Business cards* 

*The Library faculty member's previously assigned unit would be responsible


Emeritus faculty have an obligation to cite Florida Atlantic University Libraries as their academic affiliation when university resources and/or university facilities are used in the performance of their professional activities. Emeritus faculty are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and skills to the intellectual and cultural life of the University.
Submitted by the Librarian Emeritus Policy Committee: July 19, 2006.
Approved by the Libraries Faculty Assembly: November 21, 2006
Revised version approved by the University Faculty Senate: February 23, 2007
Approved by the Libraries Faculty Assembly: March 19, 2007
Revised version submitted by Provost's Memorandum, superseding prior document: Aug. 21, 2015

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Librarian Emeritus Policy Committee:
Malka Schyndel (chair)
Darlene Parrish

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