Partner Campus Libraries Faculty Handbook

Partner Campus Libraries

The partner campus libraries of Florida Atlantic University have been established to extend library services to all students, staff, and faculty at FAU. The partner campus libraries must maintain the same standards of service, but not necessarily the same services, as the S. E. Wimberly Library with respect to access, staffing, assistance to users, and adequacy of physical facilities.

Duties of Partner Campus Librarians

Partner campus librarians serve in many capacities that include, but are not limited to, bibliographic instruction, circulation, reference, collection development, Interlibrary loan, outreach, creating and maintaining Web sites, serving as faculty liaison, shelving and shelf-reading, performing opening and closing procedures, hiring and training new employees, maintaining and troubleshooting computers, and planning exhibits. Partner campus librarians spend a significant portion of their time on front-line duties such as staffing the reference/circulation desk daily and responding to faculty or student questions and requests. Librarians staffing a partner campus library may have a wider range of duties than those serving at the S. E. Wimberly Library. This is due to the lesser number of staff who, on a small scale, must carry out the operations of what numerous departments at S. E. Wimberly Library carry out on a large scale.

Accommodations for Partner Campus Librarians

Partner campus librarians are less able to freely travel to other campuses for committees or meetings due to time and staffing restrictions. Video conferences, telephone conferences and any other technologies available should be used whenever possible in order to include partner campus librarians. This inclusion is important not only for the partner campus libraries but for the S.E. Wimberly library as well. 

Partner campus librarians must make a concerted effort to attend local, state, and national conferences, despite any shortage in staff.

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