Learning Resources for Faculty and Students

The following is a list of library resources that are available for faculty and students to learn more about using the library and doing research.

Credo Instruct  

A series of brief videos and tutorials that introduce students to topics related to using information for academic purposes. Topics include getting started with research, sources of information, searching for information, evaluating information, presenting research and data, and citations and academic integrity.

Faculty can embed modules and self-grading quizzes into Canvas.  See the Credo Instruct Guide and Credo Instruct Companion Guide for additional information. 


See commonly used words for using the library and doing basic research.

Research Guides

Webpages curated by librarians with recommended library and information sources for specific subject areas, basic support topics, and courses.

Request a Course Guide. 
Faculty members may now request a Course Guide for Boca Raton courses without scheduling an instruction session.

Library "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY)

This resource is intended to help you navigate FAU's library resources and your research process.

Research Checklist 

See the 4 broad steps for basic library research on this brief webpage tutorial.

Search Strategy

A search strategy is one of the main steps in starting research. Use this handout with your topic to generate keywords and other search terms to use in an index and database search.

Video Tutorials 

Brief videos that help with finding information, doing research, using library services, and creating citations.

See also the workshop recordings that introduce using basic library services (Library Research 101) to specific topics (APA Boot Camp, Psychology Information Sources, and more).

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