Test and Exam Proctoring Policy

  • The FAU Libraries do not offer test / exam proctoring or administration due to limited resources and staffing.  
  • Contact FAU Testing Center to request these services if required for a test or exam.  
  • To take online tests or exams, students can use the Libraries and their available technology during open hours.

Information for Students

  1. PC Users:  PC users can bring their laptop, borrow one from the Libraries' Service Desks, or use library PC workstations. 
  2. Mac Users:  Mac users can also bring theirs or use ones in the Libraries computer labs.   
  3. WI-FI:  Wireless networks (WI-FI) are available for FAU students and guests who bring their own devices.  See FAU OIT Wireless (WI-FI) Networks for instructions.
  4. Check Your Technical Requirements:  Computers may be required to have a webcam and microphone to take an exam or test. 
  5. 24/7 Computer Labs:  FAU students who need to take an exam soon before or after the Libraries close can visit FAU Open Computer Labs for locations open 24/7.
  6. Disruptions:  The Libraries are not responsible for interruptions caused by building or local emergencies, power outages, computer hardware or software failures, or internet disruptions.

Recommended Locations in the Libraries

Students should carefully choose their exam location based on their needs.  Honorlock performs a pre-exam room scan to determine if a student is in a quiet or private location.  If the software detects excessive background noise, movement, or other people, the student will not be able to begin the test. 

We recommend these locations in our campus libraries:

S.E. Wimberly Library (Boca Raton)

  1. First and Third Floors:  Quiet Study Areas.
  2. Fourth Floor East:  Silent Study Area. 
  3. Fifth Floor East:  Video Conference Study Rooms.  Students may reserve a room in advance or check out one from the Service Desk.  They are available for 1 hour and on a first-come, first-served basis.

John D. MacArthur Campus Library (Jupiter)

  1. First Floor:  Study Rooms 106A, 108C, and 108D.  Students may check out a room, if available, from the Service Desk.
  2. Second Floor: Quiet Study Area.

Online Test and Exam Technology at FAU

FAU currently uses multiple online proctoring software that are available on computer workstations in its Open Computer Labs:

  1. Respondus LockDown Browser:  A locked browser used in Canvas that prevents the use of other applications during a session.  Students using their own computers will need to install the software.     
  2. Respondus Monitoring:  An automatic proctoring system used in LockDown Browser that records students during exams.  
  3. Honorlock:  An online proctoring software.  Computers require a working webcam, a microphone, and a stable internet connection.

See FAU Office of Information Technology, Canvas Tools for additional details or assistance with the software.

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