Libstaff-l Usage Policy   (FAU Libraries Staff Use ONLY)

This list has been created to facilitate the distribution of information intended to reach all library staff and faculty.  
New library staff and faculty will automatically be added to this list by the Information Technology Services Department.

The messages posted to this list should be:  

  • Business or work-related information  
  • Webinars workshops, and trainings  
  • Upcoming FAU or library activities  
  • Urgent FAU or library information or requests for such information 
  • News about accomplishments of library faculty and staff 
  • Congratulatory messages to library colleagues 
  • Information about fun activities

The list should not be used as a substitute for personal social media accounts. Political messages promoting one side or point of view should not be posted  

  • An acceptable post with political information could be information on how to register to vote or how to check voter registration 

Individuals who repeatedly violate the policy may be removed and have their ability to post to the list suspended for a period of time. Before replying to a post, consider if you should reply to the list or just to the individual who posted the information Questions about the policy should be directed to the Libraries Senior Leadership Team.

Last modified at 11/04/2021 - 12:41 PM