Equipment Loan Policy

Equipment loans are available for current FAU students at the S.E. Wimberly Library at the Boca Raton campus.  These include regular and emergency short-term loans and long-term loans of PC and Mac laptop computers, AC adapters, hotspots, and webcams. 

Equipment loans are available at the Library Media Center (LY 122) during the library’s open hours.  See the equipment that is available, types of loans, and guidelines at Borrower Guidelines and Liability. 

To find additional computers and labs in the FAU Libraries, go to Computer Availability or to FAU OIT’s Open Computer Labs for their locations and hours on all FAU campuses.

Types of loans

Short-Term Loans

PC and Mac laptop computers are available for checkout and can be borrowed for same-day return.  They may be borrowed for up to 3 hours, cannot be kept overnight, and must be returned 1 hour before the library closes.

Emergency Short-Term Loans

Current FAU students can borrow PC laptops and hotspots on an emergency short-term basis throughout the semester.  Emergencies may include but are not limited to:

  • Home or personal computer malfunction;
  • Temporary loss of internet connectivity at home;
  • Emergency travel to locations with limited access to PCs and internet; please note hotspots may not function outside of the US;
  • Other short term, temporary circumstances where access to PCs and internet is limited.

Requests.  Requests can be made via this form;  please include the reason for the request.

A confirmation of a students’ reservation request will be sent to their email address.  The student can bring their confirmation to the Library Media Center (LY122) or the lobby Service Desk during  library open hours.

Long-Term Loans

Long-term equipment loans are available to current FAU students with financial need:  equipment includes laptops, hotspots, iPad tablets and webcams.  All items are due at the end of the current semester. 

Requests.  Requests must be made by filling out this form.  Please clearly state the reason for the need.

Students Receiving Financial Aid.  In working with FAU Office of Student Affairs to provide this service, the Libraries prioritize long-term equipment loans to students receiving financial aid.  Once the Libraries receive approval from the Office of Student Financial Aid, we coordinate a specified time and date for equipment pickup with the student. 

Requests.  If equipment is available, it is on a first-come, first-served basis.  All requests, regardless of financial need, should be submitted by filling out this form.  If a student does not qualify for financial aid, the Libraries will review the request and provide equipment if extras are available.  

Borrower  Guidelines and Liability

Use and Availability

  • Equipment loans are intended for academic or university-related uses and are not a substitute for the purchase of a personal computing device or for an ongoing lack of internet connectivity.
  • Short-term equipment loans may be checked out to current FAU students, faculty, and staff with a valid OWL Card/library card.  The Libraries reserve the right to ask for a second form of photo identification.
  • EQUIPMENT SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED. The Libraries are not responsible for stolen or damaged equipment during a borrower's loan period.  The borrower is responsible for all equipment and peripherals until they have been returned and checked in.
  • Equipment and laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved.
  • Equipment borrowed on regular short-term loan must be returned  1 hour before the library closes on the same day.
  • Equipment borrowed for emergency loan may be borrowed for up to 14 days and can be renewed up to 2 times if there is no pending waitlist for requests.

Returning Equipment

  • Equipment will stop circulating two (2) hours before the library closes and all equipment is due one (1) hour before the library closes regardless of when they were checked out.
  • Equipment must be returned to a library staff member at Media Center (LY-122) or the lobby Service Desk when the Media Center is closed; see its current library hours.  DO NOT leave the equipment unattended at the Media Center Desk or Service Desk.

Replacement / Damage Charges

  • All borrowers accept responsibility for the repair or replacement of the equipment (up to $2,000) and / or peripherals (up to $500 each) in the event of loss, theft, or damage.  Prices may vary depending on current replacement costs.
  • Once equipment is 24 hours overdue, it will be considered lost and the borrower will be charged up to $2,000 for its replacement.  These charges will be subject to the same collection procedures that are used for damaged or lost library materials.

Battery Life and Performance

  • An AC adapter is not included for short term loan laptops.
  • Each long-term loan laptop will include one battery and an AC adapter.  One fully charged battery has an expected life of about 3-4 hours for average usage; certain operations (i.e., wireless operation or DVD viewing) will shorten battery operating time.
  • The Libraries are not responsible for lost information due to loss of battery power; the borrower is responsible for making sure their work and files are appropriately saved.

Saving Files

  • Laptop borrowers may save files to their USB flash drive or cloud account (Google or Microsoft One Drive).  Once saved, files may also be sent via email.

Support and Help

  • Library staff are not responsible for teaching patrons how to use software packages.
  • The Libraries do not have laptop or computer equipment available for Flexible Work Arrangements:  

"Expenses and incidental costs to work effectively, such as but not limited to off-campus office maintenance, office furniture, equipment, and internet service, shall be borne by the employee."  (Office of the President, University Policy 7.5, Flexible Work Arrangements, Page 2)

  • For assistance with library resources such as the library catalog, electronic journals, or indexes and databases, please visit your campus library Service Desk, contact Research and Instructional Services at (561) 297-3785, or use Ask a Librarian to get help by chat for 24/7 service or via text or email during library hours.


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