Eating and Drinking Policy

Food and Drink Policy Statement

Food and drink are allowed in the Wimberley Library (Boca Campus), but please consume responsibly.
The FAU Libraries must maintain an environment that is appropriate for the protection of library resources and conducive to study.  Food and beverages attract unwanted pests that damage library resources.   By complying with the food and drink policy, users and staff will maintain a clean work environment, a pest - free building, and aid in the preservation of our collections.  FAU campus libraries may establish food and drink policies appropriate to their facilities, resources, and users.  Please check for local policies.

Note: Library users who violate these restrictions may be asked to take their food or drink outside the library.

Please observe these guidelines:

  • It is the library users' responsibility to throw away wrappers, containers and other trash in the appropriate trash receptacles.
  • Please consume snack food and drink only in library study areas. For the purpose of this policy, food such as chips, nuts, pretzels are considered snack food; pizza, burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads, are not.)
  • Drinks are allowed ONLY  in covered, sturdy spill-proof containers.
  • Clean up spills.  Report major spills to library staff immediately, so staff can arrange for the appropriate clean-up.
  • No "food parties" (e.g. pizza deliveries) are allowed.
  • No food that is overly messy or has strong odors.
  • Be considerate of other users.
  • Food or drink can harm library materials, invite pests, and make extra work for the cleaning crew.  Pack it up, take it out and leave no trace! (except in the provided trash receptacles)

Eating and drinking are not permitted at or near:

  • Computer workstations
  • Media equipment
  • Printers, photocopiers, or scanners
  • Aisles and stacks where books are shelved
  • Special Collections

Questions regarding public service policies should be directed to Access Services.

Last modified at 09/14/2023 - 13:20 PM