Recording Studio

Jupiter Recording Studio

Where is the Studio?

HBOI Link Bldg.-Library Room 108G

What is the Studio?

The HBOI Library’s Multi-Media Presentation Studio and Collaboration Classroom uses the latest recording and interactive Smart Board™ technologies. The purpose of this studio is to provide a superior presentation and classroom experience for students and faculty. The repurposed Library Instruction Lab has a recording studio with camera and recording equipment, a web-based, collaborative Smart Board™ that projects and records collaborative experiences, and a new projection system that improves audience viewing. The Studio adds a videoconferencing solution for sharing real-time research and presentations and expands opportunities for intercampus connectivity. The HBOI Studio is modeled after the new eLearning Lab and enhances online teaching and presentation capabilities at HBOI.

When is the studio open?

The studio is open during normal library hours, but may be used after posted library hours with OWL card access.

Who may use the studio?

The studio is open to currently enrolled FAU students, staff, faculty, or personnel from our campus science partners.  FAU students, however, are given priority when scheduling conflicts arise.

Do I need reservations to use the studio?

You may Reserve the Studio by contacting the HBOI Librarian.  Scheduled reservations will be posted on the studio door. All other access is on a “first-come” basis.

How do I use the Studio?

Instructions on found on the Studio’s podium in the front of the room. Additional assistance or to report a technical issue, please contact Nelson Beaman (OIT)

All users are responsible for saving their content on an external drive, to a cloud based service or other remote location prior to the end of their session.

Recording Studio Instructions

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