How Tos

o What is DM?  0:02:23 (data management defined, library involvement, and data management plans)
o What is data sharing?  0:08:13 (data sharing defined, why share data, challenges in data sharing, responses to challenges)

  • What is DM?  0:07:20 (data and data management defined, diversity of data and its purposes)
  • Why are Libraries Involved?  0:28:39 (rationale of library participation, 7 drivers of data management, where the library steps in)
  • How is Data Management Done?

Introduction to CINAHL, PubMed, and other health science information sources such as government and organizational sites.  Recommended for nursing, interdisciplinary health science, health administration, and related majors.

Librarian Lauri Rebar introduces the purpose of APA style and its use in college and research settings.  Bias in language, active voice, and writing conventions are covered.  Information sources and links to APA templates and materials are shown and can be used to help with formatting a paper.

Librarian Lauri Rebar will demonstrate how to cite commonly used sources such as books, journals, and web pages, and also explains in-text citations and ways to include them in a paper.

Use folders, cite, and other tools to keep, share, or save items found in OneSearch.