Librarian Evaluation Form

  • The attached evaluation is to be completed in compliance with criteria set forth by University regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and faculty committee decisions, as applicable.
  • The evaluation process involves two members of the library staff and consists of three parts: (1) the completion of the Library Faculty Annual Report of Activities by the employee, (2) the completion of the Librarian Evaluation Form by the supervisor, and (3) an oral evaluation interview between the two aforementioned staff.
  •  At the option of the evaluated librarian, a third professional librarian of his/her choice may be asked to complete the form.  This option may be exercised at any point in the evaluation process.  If this option is exercised, the additional evaluation will be submitted to the respective evaluated librarian’s supervisor, discussed, and forwarded together with the final evaluation form, which is the one signed by both the supervisor and the evaluated librarian.  At the evaluated librarian’s option, his/her Annual Report of Activities may also be forwarded.
  • The respective Letter of Assignment is to be at hand during the entire evaluation process and forwarded with the evaluation(s).

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