Shout Outs!

If you are here to see your own shout out, share the warm feeling you just experienced by acknowledging someone else. If you are here to look at the great ways that others are being recognized, pay it forward by saying something nice about a co-worker in the Libraries. Everyone can use a pat on the back and it feels so good to be the one giving that pat! It takes less than a minute to fill out the form:

Mahesh N. Thank you, Mahesh, for being a team player! The Jupiter staff and I greatly appreciate that you volunteered to come our way to fill in while we are understaffed. Your flexibility, kindness, and collegiality mean so much. THANK YOU! 8/2022
Kristy P. She’s ALWAYS on top of her game. 8/2022
Kristy P.  She's an invaluable part of this library. 8/2022
Kristy P.  Excelling at a new position - CHECK! Knowing your stuff - CHECK! Showing your value - CHECK! Being a pleasure to work with - CHECK! 6/2022
Leah P.  Thank you for your kind words, always listening to my ideas and concerns, and making sure I feel heard. You know how to bring out the best in every team member and in me. Your belief in us is a huge source of motivation. 6/2022
Steven M. and Mahesh N. Coming up with helpful noise reduction strategies for the Collection Management suite, such as installing door bumpers and sound-proof noise blockers. 4/2022
LeaAnn C. I wanted to recognize a dear friend and colleague of mine LeaAnn Carzola-Reiley! 🎉 Today LeaAnn was inducted into the First Gen Tri-Alpha Honors Society at their inaugural ceremony!!! Big rounds of applause for this AMAZING accomplishment she has achieved!!! Can I ask that everyone give her a BIG- HOOT HOOT HOORAY!!! 4/2022
The entire Jupiter library staff & student workers Thank you for pulling together to create a PHENOMENAL HC student admit day. Giavana and LeaAnn, the FAU sign is AMAZING!!!!! I am so proud of everyone for your efforts and for your teamwork! You represented the Libraries well! 3/2022
Yom C Your knowledge is second to none, and you use your power for good! So grateful for you! 2/2022
Hansy A Always being so patient and kind. You're my role model for both! 2/2022
Hector M Always being awesome. No other word describes you better than that. I am so proud to be your colleague. 2/2022
Anne F Walking a very stressed student down to the Service Desk. You knew that she could get a Virtual Conference room to meet her needs. 1/2022
Leah P I’m so grateful to have a supervisor like you. You have always led with respect. Thank you for guiding me both professionally and personally. Thank you for your support. Your confidence in me is my biggest motivator, on top of handling such challenging times in the Library while keeping the team in high spirits. To work for someone with leadership skills like yours is an incredible experience. 1/2022
Hector M Pitching in and helping the Jupiter Library last Friday. Without you, we couldn't have stayed open. You are a true team player and we love you! You are the best, Hector, and we consider you part of our Jupiter library family. Many thanks! 1/2022
Marilee B Running the library all by yourself for so many days while I've been out. I appreciate your flexibility, and your dedication to do whatever it takes to keep the library operations running smoothly. You are a tremendous asset to our team and I am so grateful for you! Many, many, many thanks! 1/2022
Dawn F your exceptional leadership as the Libraries' Liaison Coordinator. You do so much behind-the-scenes work on behalf of the liaisons and don't hesitate to step aside and let them shine and succeed in their roles. You continue to find new and exciting ways to engage with the students and faculty and highlight the print and electronic collections. And, you do all of this with so much grace. This Shout Out is long overdue. Thank you!! 1/2022
Sheri E, Tiffany F, Ken F, Dawn F, Larry M, Tom O, Kristy P, Darlene P, Lauri R, Sunghae R the positive impact you continue to make as liaisons for your various academic departments. When this program initially began, we envisioned that the group would only work with faculty, but you have since branched out to include students in your outreach efforts. Thank you for continuing on as liaisons and serving as positive role models for the Libraries. Cheers to a productive and successful spring semester! 1/2022
Dawn F., Melanie, Garrett, April, Kim, Emily, Rio, Darleen, and Deepa bringing the Comics and Graphic Novels Collection to life! From selecting and purchasing the titles, setting up a new location code, cataloging the materials, and assembling the shelving - It was a long time coming, but you persevered and made it happen. 12/2021
Dawn F., Gabby C., Matthew L. RJ S., Steven M., and Leah P. your assistance, creativity, and guidance with the Diversity Burrow bookmarks project! 12/2021
RJ S Having a great virtual holiday party! I had the best time with the Bingo and the guess-who-photo game, and just chilling and giggling with my awesome coworkers. You always make it great for us and I know I don't thank you for that often enough. So THANK YOU, RJ!! 12/2021
Tinessa C Such a wonderful virtual holiday party! It was so much fun. Thank you for using your amazing and masterful organizational skills on our behalf, and, as always, for being such a great colleague. 12/2021
Elester C One of the best things about my work mornings is our greeting one another. That just sets a great tone for the rest of my day. Also, you're so helpful with patrons and I want you to know that doesn't go unnoticed. We are so lucky to have you, Elester! 11/2021
Anne F Your dedication, reliability, and SUPERIOR investigative skills. If only our patrons knew how hard you work - consistently - on their behalf. I always learn so much from you and am ever grateful for your generosity and patience in sharing your knowledge. 11/2021
Leah P It is rare that a manager takes time to understand their employees and their employees needs. I don't say it enough, but thank you for being a great boss to me. Your patience and kindness are shown over and over everyday. 10/2021
Hector M For always being willing to help and find solutions!! 9/2021
Jerrel H Your intellectual take on things. You really care about the things you do, and it shows every day. You have really helped guide me on things and I'm not sure I've thanked you as much and as often as I should have. 9/2021
Yom C Your professionalism and hard work. Easily you are one of the best co-workers I've ever had. You make things look so easy, when we know they aren't. Thanks for being such a reliable, dedicated, and kind support for us all. 9/2021
Lynnette C Lynne is always so friendly and engaging. Chatting with her is such a fun experience, and she is always doing something productive with a quiet diligence and patience that makes me wish I could work alongside her always. 9/2021
Hector M always, always, always being ready to help, and with a smile. I couldn't do my job without you, Hector, and I so appreciate your constant professionalism and kindness. 9/2021
Darlene P Thank you for always putting your heart into everything you do. You are always someone that shares joy with your colleagues, while also bringing critical thinking and your tremendous breadth of knowledge into each interaction I have ever had with you. Today I celebrate you, Darlene, and all that you have given to the university community by just being you! 9/2021
Tinessa and Sarah Thank you for always keeping me in the loop and for thinking of fun ways to promote the collection. It is always a joy to work with your entire department as we look for better ways to serve our users. 9/2021
External Relations keeping our users informed of the Libraries' services and offerings, whether through creative social media posts or via campus-wide announcements, especially as we prepare for a full reopening of the buildings. Great teamwork! 8/2021
Digital Library Team your innovation and all of the great things you each do when creating collections that highlight FAU student and faculty accomplishments! 8/2021
Marilee B & Leah P being so wonderful, understanding and patient since our full transition back. You ladies are very much appreciated for all you do! 7/2021
Instruction & Engagement Services providing our students, faculty, and staff with stellar reference service throughout this past year despite being down a few positions. You make a great team, and I know our users also appreciate your expertise and assistance. 7/2021
ITS Department You've taken such excellent care of our technology needs while we were all working remotely. You came up with innovative ways to assist students and faculty throughout the pandemic. You have been on top of the return back to campus and re-opening of the libraries. Thank you so much for everything you've done! 7/2021
Access Services Department all of the hard work each of you has done in providing our students with stellar service and a safe and welcoming space in the Wimberly Library. 7/2021
ILL Department showing up and doing great things - and offering so many wonderful and innovative services for the students and faculty throughout the pandemic.  7/2021
Giavana B & Gaby C Thank you for all your organizational skills and all your time it took to clean up Jupiter's backroom and closets! They have never looked better! You are the best! 7/2021
Hector M Thank you for suggesting and purchasing the Jupiter staff new office desk chairs! We are loving them! You always are thinking about our needs and we so much appreciate it! 6/2021
Hector M your help in coordinating our move to temporary office spaces - certainly not an easy task, especially as you tried to meet everyone's needs and as things seemed to change on a daily basis or issues cropped up out of the blue. 6/2021
ILL Staff to the star wars rebels, thank you so much for all the hard work you have been doing with the mail and ITS packages. Thanks for always letting me know when I have packages. star wars rebels ILL staff are so amazing and awesome. 6/2021
Steven M Thank you for always helping me out when I need help.  6/2021
Robert F Thank you for all your help with getting things setup at Jupiter and also the great conversation on WW2 history and telecommunications technology on the ride up and down! 6/2021
Leah P You make it easy to come to work! A boss and friend, two in one! Thank you for being a great library director!  6/2021
Gaby C Thank you for your schedule flexibility! I appreciate your working in the library for me on my annual days off this week.  6/2021
Hansy, Hector, Robert F, Yom & Mahesh  Your time and efforts in putting the Jupiter library back together. It was a lot of hard work and we appreciate you!  5/2021
Gaby C Thank you for always stepping up and taking initiative in the library. You always find a way to get jobs done and done WELL! Having you on our team makes a huge difference! 5/2021
Mahesh, Yom, Hansy, Hector & Robert F Thank you for all your time, patience, heavy lifting and for spending Thursday morning at the Jupiter Library moving furniture! We could not have done it without all of your help! You guys are the best! 5/2021
Steven M I want to thank you Steve, for always willing to work with me. For always answering my questions. thanks for an awesome work you do for the library and Going above and beyond. 5/2021
Yom C Thank you for spending Thursday morning on the phone with me fixing Outlook on my Iphone and Ipad. You are the best!!! 5/2021
Larry M I'd like to share some stellar feedback from one of Larry's professors regarding his help with Library Licensed Resources. "Thanks so much. I have 70 in the class, and I’m sure some number of them will be using it... I’ve noticed that having electronic access to the books has improved the completion rate. I put the links right at the top of the syllabus, which I make the first page they hit in Canvas." Congratulations Larry for your ongoing success in helping students in your subject areas afford a higher education! 5/2021
Teron M Teron, thank you for continuing to help ITS with all the reimaging, moving and setup of computers. Your role over the past year has been amazing and the team and I truly appreciate you. 5/2021
Mahesh N For all the work you have done and doing for ITS and the library Staff and FAU students. your hard work is very much appreciate it. and for your awesome work during Covid. 4/2021
Amy K Stepping up! Impressive!!! I’m a fan... 4/2021
Kristy P, RJ S, Emily L, Hector M, Renata J starring in the Libraries' National Library Week video! It was great seeing your faces and hearing about some of the wonderful services and resources we offer. Thank you for representing us well. 4/2021
Dawn F your great work ethic and for dropping everything to help with a recent project. We couldn't have done it without you. 4/2021
Darleen C taking the lead on reviewing and cleaning up Aleph, Alma, and Primo catalog records prior to the ILS migration. There is a lot of data to review, and you're successfully managing this task like a champ. 4/2021
Gaby C Filling in for me last week when I took days off. I know I can always count on you. You are a great asset to the library.  4/2021
Leah P Your strong positive leadership. It is a privilege to work under you.  4/2021
Hector M Thanks for taking care of our tech! It is always a pleasure to see you at Jupiter. We love you Hector!!!! 4/2021
Maris H, Mahesh N, Steven M, & Leah P Your great teamwork and dedication to successfully completing the Libraries' emergency plans! 3/2021
Maris H All of the time and hard work that went into coordinating the successful completion of the Libraries' Emergency Plans! 3/2021
Alethea P & Melanie P Your leadership of and work on the Erase Hate Initiative that is one of the cornerstones of the Library's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Now more than ever, these initiatives are vitally important to show our users that we stand with them against the haters 3/2021
Maris H Thank you for all your work on getting the 2021 UERP/UCOOP logistics and paperwork coordinated across all the departments. 3/2021
Beth L Your expert guidance and support to enable SLT to make timely and informed budget related decisions! 3/2021
RJ S Expertly and thoughtfully moderating the All-Staff Meeting! 3/2021
Amy K Stepping in to the hard role as Interim Dean and working to keep everyone informed. Everyone feels better knowing you are there, standing up for us 3/2021
John C your ongoing work with JCBA and keeping the community engaged 3/2021
Tinessa C running the Virtual Human Library so expertly 3/2021
Garrett G Thank you for sending all those fabulous resources to the branch Libraries. You have brought the very best of service to us . You were one step ahead as we tackled remote!  3/2021
Maris H Providing FAU with fabulous, always evolving resources and FAU Libraries with innovative and collaborative leadership. 3/2021
Larry M & Tom O Great presentations for the Copyright Master Class Series. I learned so much ! 3/2021
Kristy P Thanks for making the Copyright webinars such an amazing series. It's great to learn all this information from FAU Libraries very knowledgeable staff!  3/2021
Nikki W & Jerrel H Your Course Reserves Presentations were very informative! and with so much detailed! I was blown away by your knowledge and the great historical overview of the subjects! Thanks Again! 3/2021
Amy K Stepping up to be the Interim Dean and keeping us informed. So much is happening in the library and you motivate us to be innovative and connected! Thank you ! 3/2021
RJ S Organizing and keeping the The Human Library experience a fun, interesting and student -focused event. I really enjoyed Kayla's story and sharing. I can't wait to hear/see more! you are a great narrator and MC! You make it happen! thanks! 3/2021
Amy K , Mahesh N and RJ S Running an informative, thoughtful and streamlined library wide meeting 3/2021
Carol H You did many things...but above all, thank you for being student-focused and for cultivating an inclusive culture. Wishing you a very happy and healthy retirement! 3/2021
ILL Team I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work during this pandemic ensuring that all our FAU patrons can still get their hands on both FAU materials and beyond. You all are the best. This is the Way!! 3/2021
Garrett G Just wanted to give a shout out and say thank you for your help in providing me the stats I needed regarding ILL. This helped out a great deal. 3/2021
Carol H Thank you for all that you have done for the Libraries and our users. You have made a great positive impact in my lives. You have and always been a wonderful leader. You have impact my career and had helped to shape it. Working for you have a great journey. You are so awesome and amazing person and leader and friend.  3/2021
Kristy P, Larry M, Tom O Thanks so much for both of your Copyright Master Class Series , I really enjoyed it and learned somethings. 3/2021
Carol H Thank you, Carol for your outstanding leadership and all you have done for the libraries. Good luck in your future endeavors and Happy retirement! 3/2021
Carol H Thank you for all you have done for the Libraries during your tenure. Your advocacy of the Library as a relevant and valuable part of the University -- also valuing the Staff just as strongly -- has been very much needed and appreciated. It has been an uphill fight all the way and we are saddened that you are departing so suddenly. And not least of all, we were glad to be able to share in your enthusiasm of social bonding over food! I'm not sure it has completely sunk in that we aren't going to be able to enjoy your rum cake one more time.  2/2021
Carol H Putting a major library focus on serving students and being open to new ways of doing that during her tenure. Also, a big shout out for advocating for the libraries. 2/2021
Tom O Sharing his knowledge about fair use with enthusiasm and a sense of entertainment in the fair use master class. He was also very gracious through technical difficulties (a building power failure), and for being the first to try out a new way of doing a workshop (via a hands-on lab).  2/2021
Carol H Thank you for all that you have done for the Libraries and our users, and for strongly advocating for the library employees. You will leave the Libraries a much improved place in most ways over when you first arrived. Wishing you a meaningful and enjoyable retirement. 2/2021
Carol H Thank you, Carol for your outstanding leadership and good luck in your future endeavors. P.S. Thank you for the recipe of your world famous rum cake. 2/2021
Laurie G, Beth L, & Christie L doing all the mostly hidden and thankless tasks that keep the Libraries operating. Your work is critical to the day-to-day operation, as well as the implementation of the long-term strategic vision for the Libraries. You have changed everything you do, have taken on an increased workload, and have demonstrated remarkable flexibility over the past few years. You make the Libraries look good by providing a solid foundation for everything else.  2/2021
Bill A for keeping so much running smoothly in the Wimberly Library by checking on physical facilities and what needs replaced or repaired. Your amazing success rate of finding over 50% of books reported lost allows us to provide much better service to our patrons who are currently not able to access the stacks. We are fortunate that you bring so much expertise to bear as the longest-tenured member of Access Services.  2/2021
Florance D being a daily inspiration to your coworkers for what you have been able to achieve in your personal and professional life while working full-time and providing excellent service. Kudos! 2/2021
Jupiter Campus Library being awesome in all respects! You model hard work combined with positive energy. With a ridiculously small staff contingent, you provide outstanding service to Jupiter students and faculty on a daily basis. You never shy away from a challenge and you provide many excellent models for the Libraries as a whole.  2/2021
Collection Management doing the work of three times as many people more effectively and efficiently than when there were a lot more people doing the work. You have undergone rapid and dramatic organizational changes and have greatly improved the service level at the same time. Faculty care most about access to collections (physical and electronic) and you have worked miracles with limited resources 2/2021
Special Collections (including Main, RSA, and Jaffe) your creative vision and dedication to serving FAU and the broader community through innovative programming, maintaining and providing physical and virtual access to our special collections, and sharing what you know through classes, exhibits, tours, and more. You have managed to provide outstanding service even when faced with the challenge of not being able to interact with users face-to-face. You have redefined yourselves multiple times and the result is a model of cooperation, collegiality, access, and service. 2/2021
Medical & Health Sciences Department your dedication, creativity and positive energy in serving the College of Medicine students, faculty, and the surrounding medical community. You are working through not only a pandemic but also a new organizational structure for your department that presents some unique challenges. You are presenting a model of collegiality that has value not just for the Libraries and the College of Medicine but also for the entire University. We are lucky to have you both! 2/2021
Government Information & Maps sharing your expertise about government and geographic information so effectively and doing such innovative programming to reach our students and faculty. Your work is pivotal to having a more informed electorate and citizenry. Kudos for everything you do! 2/2021
Joanne P & Digital Library helping to make the Libraries and our collections more visible and for enabling the University to meet its commitments to providing access to student theses and dissertations. Your behind-the-scenes work is critically important and needs to be more widely recognized. 2/2021
Access Services for being on the front lines and doing what needs to be done to serve our students, day in and day out. The Libraries could not have done any of this without your expertise and commitment. Not just during the pandemic but also before March 2020 when you took on expanded roles that enabled the Libraries to expand outreach programs to the faculty and academic departments across the University 2/2021
Renata J & Ali T your leadership within your unit and your focus on providing great service to the FAU community. You have persevered under very challenging times and your dedication has made it possible for the Libraries to shine during the pandemic 2/2021
Pam A your commitment to the students and researchers at HBOI. You have enhanced the research and teaching mission of the University enormously and set a very high bar of service. You have never stopped looking for ways to innovate and improve and have shown an energy and positive attitude that is hard to match! 2/2021
Elise M pushing through the challenges and always being supportive of the people around you. You have brought energy, commitment, and kindness to the Libraries and have shown us how to value each other openly - evidenced by these "shout outs" which developed from an idea you shared with the Libraries Leadership Team. The University and the Libraries are so fortunate to have you working to promote our missions to the broader community 2/2021
Darleen C finding a way to stay positive in the midst of some pretty challenging times in Tech Services as that department imploded. Thanks also for always being honest, direct, and hard-working. Wish we could all get together for a drink! 2/2021
Anne F adapting to many changes in your work environment over the years while still staying focused on providing excellent service.  2/2021
Maris H being such a clear-headed spokesperson on the challenges of maintaining access to scholarly resources in the face of a ridiculous lack of support from the University for the Libraries' collections. You have done a masterful job of walking the tightrope of providing useful information without inflaming faculty about inadequate institutional support for their research 2/2021
Vicky T never backing down from a challenge and supporting the people around you with wisdom and compassion through challenging times. You rock! 2/2021
Carol H Thank you so much, Carol, for bringing me to the Libraries. Building a program of philanthropy from scratch is a multi-year project that takes nurture and time before it bears fruit. Your understanding, support, and enthusiasm for this is amazing. I'm really sad that you won't be here as Dean when this program you started begins to flourish but the clarity of your tenacious leadership has laid a strong foundation, and I know I'll hear you cheering from afar. May luck always favor you in this new journey! 2/2021
Bruce B your dedication to connecting students and faculty to the information they need to be successful, as well as for modeling how to expand a department-based service into something available for everyone. You showed just how much can be accomplished with a modest financial investment, as long as the effort is led by someone who cares 2/2021
Amy K your incredible strength and leadership during these very trying times. You are an amazing advocate for everyone in the libraries!  2/2021
Darlene P your kind heart and beautiful smile that has warmed the hearts of many of us over the years, as well as you readiness to keep learning and doing what the libraries need to have done. You embody team spirit! 2/2021
Dawn F bringing calm to relations with faculty who are upset about their access to books or journals or electronic resources. Your professionalism and obvious commitment to resolving problems have calmed many an irate faculty member down 2/2021
Dawn S your quiet self-confidence and devotion to the students of FAU and the people working under your leadership 2/2021
Jenny S always being willing to help out and do new things. You bring a spark of joy to the Libraries with your smile. Echo de menos verte! 2/2021
Lauri R your amazing flexibility, adaptability, and desire to learn and grow. You inspire others to keep trying and doing new things. 2/2021
Kristy P your outstanding leadership in the role of Scholarly Communication Coordinator. Your work has increased the knowledge base within the Libraries and has helped the University understand better some of the ways the Libraries can support research and scholarship across all disciplines 2/2021
Eric B never giving up and helping the rest of us keep going during these tough times. Looking forward to the days when actual pies can be sold, type can be set and broadsides printed, and letters can be written by hand in the Jaffe Center 2/2021
John C for your steadfast kindness, generous spirit, devotion to the Jaffe Center, and never-ending creativity in helping people discover the magical world of book arts 2/2021
Huong P being such a positive member of the Libraries team and always doing your best 2/2021
Daniel S continuing to adapt and provide outstanding access to collections, as well as represent the libraries effectively in so many ways 2/2021
Robert F being such a positive and helpful member of the Special Collections team who helps the Libraries look good in many ways 2/2021
RJ S building a strong External Relations department, starting from less than nothing, and turning things around in a few short years to the point that the Libraries are recognized across the University as the best group to partner with. You have shown yourself to be a compassionate, service-oriented leader who helps your staff grow and develop their full potential, too.  2/2021
Mahesh N and all of ITS never saying "no" and finding a way to implement new ideas and technologies during the most trying times imaginable. You have kept everyone in the library working effectively and have also shared your expertise with the rest of the University. You have done this sometimes at significant personal cost and you have never complained and never shirked. It has been an honor to watch this department flourish in spite of the many challenges. What an amazing model for the Libraries and the University!  2/2021
ILL department, including Brian W being the foundation of so much of the libraries' service to students and faculty for much of the past year. You have brought your creativity and dedication to bear on what you do enabling our users to get access to the content they need for their study and research and you have also developed the techniques that keep our staff and our users safe while they get the materials they need. Without you, all the rest would have fallen apart!  2/2021
Christie L taking on every weird project that no one else knew about, as well as being such an active and visible support to the Dean in the many public events set up to engage with our students. It might not have been in your job description but, in the earliest days before we had External Relations, none of it would have happened without you. You are an amazing organizer and positive influence, with an ability to motivate people 2/2021
Tinessa C & Sarah E bringing your creative ideas, positive energy, and strong follow through and organizational skills to bear on a wide variety of projects over the past few years. We look forward to the days when we can see you out and about in the Libraries, helping us all to engage with our students in exciting, fun ways! 2/2021
Instruction & Engagement being fully engaged over the years in improving service to our public, both students and faculty. You have worked hard to redefine good service and to ensure that the Libraries are deeply embedded in the academic life of the University. Kudos to you all for adapting, for being innovative, for always striving to be better - and for being so good humored in the process! 2/2021
Sheri E your leadership with OER that has had such a positive impact on the lives of FAU's students 2/2021
Teron M for helping out ITS during this critical time when technology is being used to provide high quality services while keeping everyone safe. Your openness to new assignments and your willingness to help is a model for everyone! 2/2021
Steven M for your consistent professionalism and integrity. The students know who you are and respect you for it, as does everyone else in the Libraries. 2/2021
Sandy R being so steadfast and setting such a positive example for us all 2/2021
Leslie S sharing important information with your co-workers to help keep everyone in the loop. It's an act of generosity that is much appreciated, even if not always acknowledged. Please don't stop 2/2021
Leah P working through all the daily challenges of running a branch library and for being a role model to others. FAU is very lucky to have you 2/2021
Larry M For being such a positive influence and always looking for ways to support your colleagues and co-workers. Your messages to libstaff help to develop a culture of appreciativeness 2/2021
Melanie P always being open to new ideas and approaches and being such a positive role model for others 2/2021
Michelle K Stepping into the role of department head during the middle of a pandemic! No easy feat but you make it look effortless. So happy to have this opportunity to grow with the department and continue to learn new practices with the experience you bring to FAU.  2/2021
Joanne P Joanne shared with undergraduates a thoughtful, information-packed presentation on Libraries Live Event Feb 4 . Great information for everybody!! Thanks!! 2/2021
Tinessa C Great job as narrator and navigator on Libraries live events !! 2/2021
RJ S, Tinessa C, Sarah E such a fun and informative FAU Libraries Live yesterday. Everyone did a great job thanks to your leadership and guidance.  2/2021
Crystal M all of the informative weekly tech updates you share. I've been learning a lot from them and always await your next posting. Being on top of the latest IT is so important for all of us in the work that we do, but even more so in our everyday lives. 2/2021
Carol H Giving us the opportunity to be innovative with our programs and strategies  2/2021
Carol H Providing leadership during this difficult times. You have continued to provide a vision for the libraries to be engaging and a valued partner to other departments at FAU.  2/2021
Maris H Thank you for seeming never to lose patience! My questions for you must be part of a very long queue of requests, yet you answer them quickly and so graciously. I appreciate you very much. 2/2021
Amy K Keeping us updated and informed about the nuances of Alma! 2/2021
Carol H Thank you for how you've changed the FAU Libraries by building such a strong team. You encourage us to grow, both individually and as a group. You work with each of us as a whole human being, worthy of your investment of time, thought, care and respect. You help us focus on our strengths and you celebrate our successes. You've taught us that if we keep our eyes on the big picture, the road to getting there is clearly mapped. Every single day you demonstrate the difference between supervision and true leadership, and we--and therefore the Libraries--have benefited greatly. 2/2021
Crystal M for your great tech tips and for being such a strong role model for other women 2/2021
Renata J being here and still caring to make the library look good. Your service ethic is commendable 2/2021
Brian W being such a good team member in ILL and for being so flexible through so many changes over the years. You have shown great adaptability and it has made a big difference 2/2021
Maggie N sharing your personal joy with us and giving us all a moment of pure happiness and hope for the future 2/2021
Sunghae R working through hard times and inspiring so many by your steadfastness and perseverance 2/2021
Elise M stepping into a black hole and working every day to build a foundation that others will be able to build on. It tales a special kind of person to do things that don't get much notice just because it's the right thing to do 2/2021
Linda L caring so much and devoting so much of your intellectual and emotional energy to making the library as a whole be better than it was 2/2021
Dawn F just being you, quietly dealing with faculty who are not always nice and helping them get what they need 2/2021
Sheri E Your ongoing commitment to shared governance and to the work on behalf of OER and electronic resources 2/2021
Joanne P being such a good listener and for always seeing the broader picture. Your care for other people shines through every day 2/2021
Alethea P being so good at herding cats and getting the best out of everyone. Your kindness and compassion and selfless leadership is awesome 2/2021
Hector M your good humor, your determination to always do a good job, and your concern and caring for other people 2/2021
Ben R your energy and daily enthusiasm for the work that you do and the joy the RSA collections bring to others 2/2021
Pam A staying strong, staying engaged, and offering your insights to others in need. You are a treasure and an inspiration and FAU is lucky to have you 2/2021
RJ S being you, for being honest, for working so hard on behalf of the Libraries 2/2021
Leah P your amazing ability to keep going and provide compassion and support to everyone around you 2/2021
Beth L, Christie L, Laurie G being unflappable and keeping things going behind the scenes. So much of what you do goes unnoticed unless something goes wrong. 2/2021
Vicky T being a great advocate for your staff and for being a key person interacting so effectively with donors and potential donors 2/2021
Maris H taking on greater responsibility in representing the libraries to the University and the state and making sure that we have the best access possible to the resources that we need 2/2021
Steven M taking on two more projects in the Wimberly building that will result in a better working environment for staff as well as better conditions for students. You always put other people first and you always follow through 2/2021
Sarah E your great work on the Blind Date with a Book and the positive feedback it generated from several of the deans 2/2021
Dawn S your ability to weather the storms that afflict us and help others through the challenges 2/2021
Hansy A your unflagging good cheer and patience regarding IT support, as well as thoughtful contributions to broader issues 2/2021
Yom C being such a great leader of the library web site and for always stepping up to do whatever needs to be done. You are a wonderful team player and always a pleasure to work with 2/2021
Amy K being such an effective advocate for the libraries through your work on SLT generally, and for your work on the ILS implementation 2/2021
Jerrel H Being a model of professional, collegial behavior, even when faced with rudeness from College faculty. You make us proud every day 2/2021
Maris H, Dawn F, Lauri R, Dawn S Coming to my aid when I needed to fix a problem as soon as you saw that I needed help - I didn't even have to ask and you were there. Without your help I would have had a much harder time working to correct the issue - you did some heavy lifting for me almost as a matter of course and I am deeply humbled and inspired. 1/2021
Carol H, Dawn S, Lauri R Supporting me, having my back, trusting my judgement and empowering me to do what is needed to fix problems. This is why I am proud to work here and I am continually inspired to learn from my mistakes, grow in my knowledge and deliver ever better service. 1/2021
Jerrel H, Dawn F, Lauri R Kudos to all of you for your time, effort and top-notch service in helping a faculty member with his course reserve reading. I know it takes time and can be a challenge to make reserve materials available for the students and faculty, especially now when everything must be in an electronic format and not all materials are available electronically.  1/2021
Joanne P To you and your team for doing such an amazing job digitizing the Weiner Collection. Scholars around the world will benefit... and the donors are thrilled. 1/2021
External Relations Awesome job on the 360 Tour! 1/2021
Elise M Helping us navigate the challenges that go along with gifts-inkind negotiated in a different era. You model collegiality and respectfulness and you always seek to find a positive path forward for everyone. That is a very rare talent that makes you worth your weight in gold 1/2021
RJ S Doing such a superlative job to keep the Libraries' achievements in front of the University and always coming through for whatever is needed 1/2021
Kristy P Taking on the role of Chair of the Library Faculty Assembly and being willing to tackle tough issues facing library faculty 1/2021
Maris H, Amy K, Mahesh N, Leah P, Dawn S, Vicky T Developing into a cohesive Senior Leadership Team for the Libraries that routinely steps up to anticipate challenges, develop proactive solutions, and show what an effective leadership team can accomplish 1/2021
Ken F Stepping up to co-chair the Library Faculty Assembly. It is this kind of quiet leadership that brings little joy but that is so necessary to the smooth running of the organization 1/2021
Dawn F I just wanted to say Thank You for being the Rock Star behind the scenes and truly making us liaisons shine and look like Miracle Workers when our Faculty come to us looking for eBooks for their courses.  1/2021
Lauri R Hi Lauri, I wanted to say thank you for working with on that Faculty Orientation for Dr. Prier.  1/2021
Access Services I would like to say thank you for all you do in normal circumstances and especially for what you are doing and enduring during Covid and being in the building. Keep up the great work and be safe.  1/2021
External Relations I just wanted to give a shout out to the entire External Relations Team for all you do to promote Library and all of us, and especially now with COVID and many of us working remotely. Thank You.  1/2021
ILL Team I want to give a huge shout out to the entire ILL team for all the hard working you are doing be it with Contactless Checkout for our FAU resources, also with all the hard work you do to track down resources we do not own rights to through regular ILL means. This is the Way! 1/2021
Anne F Anne, I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you do behind the scene with making sure any issues that arise with our databases. Especially with EBSCOhost and tracking down the issues Dr. Eric Prier from Political Science was having.  1/2021
Hector M Keeping me updated on the installation of the new printer and taking the time to make sure that I knew how to use it correctly. 1/2021
Yom C Thank you for always helping me with my website questions! You always make our webpages look a million times better, and never say no to my hard design ideas.  1/2021
Crystal M Thank you for always helping External Relations with our graphic design projects. Also, we appreciate all of your help with FourWinds. We would not be able to be as fancy with our digital signs without you!  1/2021
Tinessa Thank you for being an amazing coworker and always willing to help on projects. You make all of our programs run smoothly and we couldn't be successful without you!  1/2021
Carol H, Dawn F, Steven M & Melanie P Thank you for helping with Blind Date with a Book! It would not be possible to get this program rolling without all of your help! 1/2021
External Relations Thank you for always keeping us updated with everything. I do miss your events. 1/2021
Mahesh N Thank you for being a person that I can count on and look up too. thank you for all that you have shown me this year and for your leadership.  12/2020
Carol H Thank you for being an awesome leader and a wonderful person. Thank you for all have been doing and still doing to keep us safe. God bless you always and I miss you. 12/2020
Maris H Continuing to take on increased responsibility in different areas and showing us all how to handle craziness with grace 12/2020
Teresa V 21 years of service to FAU. But even more for being such an honest, yet kind, person and for your keen observations. The Library won't be the same without you 12/2020
Hector M For looking out for your co-workers and being such a positive role model for all of us 12/2020
RJ S, Sarah E, & Tinessa C For doing all you can to make the Libraries look good. What you have done in the past few years has dramatically increased the Libraries' profile and has brought people across the University to us, looking to partner with us 12/2020
Joanne P Looking for positive things to say about others and offering encouragement 12/2020
External Relations Thanks for all the feedback you gave in the early days of testing zoom and webex. Your input allowed us to solve a lot of problems and questions that our users had. We look forward to continuing to work with you on adapting technology to our daily activities.  12/2020
Teron M Thank you for your continued help all these months to help ITS with all manner of technical, logistical and support issues. Your help allowed us not to be overwhelmed these past few months. 12/2020
Renata J Thank you for working with ITS in signing out/in each and every laptop, ipad, hotspot during the spring and summer semesters. Your quick responses to making sure the loans were entered into ALEPH saved us a lot of effort. 12/2020
Steven M Thank you for all your help in coordinating the laptop loaner logistics during the spring and summer semesters as we dealt with supporting our students needs. 12/2020
Tinessa C Thank you for all presence on each and every ITS webinar and taking care of all the details before/during/after so we could focus our efforts on the presentations. 12/2020
RJ S, Tinessa C, & Sarah E organizing such a fun, virtual holiday gathering yesterday. It was nice to see people again, relax a bit, and share a laugh. Tinessa - great job on the cookbook! 12/2020
Tinessa C Always being upbeat about everything! We haven't spoken in a while, but I did want to note anyway how much I've appreciated your constant willingness to make things happen. I only wish I would have shared that with you in person prior to our current circumstances. 12/2020
Sarah E Having the sunniest disposition around, with talent to match. Virtual working has not changed that one bit! 12/2020
Hector M For your patience and kindness. You handle technology so smoothly and gracefully, and it makes my life at work so much easier! 12/2020
Crystal M Doing an outstanding job with the 2020 Tech Fee proposals including IT research, compiling all of the proposals to be easily reviewed by SLT, and submitting the finalized Tech Fee proposals on behalf of the Libraries! 12/2020
Hector M Your terrific follow-through! All of the work you did behind the scenes regarding the IT specs and pricing for the Libraries' 2020 Tech Fee proposals is greatly appreciated! 12/2020
Information Technology Services Dept. Thank you for your quick response times, effective problem solving, friendliness, and professionalism. 12/2020
Michelle K Attending our DL Dept meeting and "getting to know us!" Welcome to FAU! 12/2020
Kristy P Always meeting challenges and exceeding expectations. You're a great combination of being professional AND fun. 12/2020
Melanie P Being a supportive, innovative and understanding leader this entire time. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated. ILL staff are lucky to have you! 12/2020
Nikki W Your hard work and perseverance on the textbook reserves collection. The Textbook Reserves Working Group is indebted to your efforts for helping students save serious cash on textbook purchases. 12/2020
Jerrel H Your diligence and dedication to the textbook reserves collection. The Textbook Reserves Working Group is deeply appreciative of your hard work.  12/2020
Amy K For putting aside your natural reticence and stepping up every day to what it means to be a leader and do hard things because other people are depending on you. 12/2020
Mahesh N For raising the bar of expectations so that we all turn to you and ITS for ideas and solutions to problems 12/2020
Jerrel H For sharing your ideas and your deep service commitment with the rest of us. Don't be shy. Your light should not be hidden under any bushel, so to speak 12/2020
RJ S Continually stepping up and volunteering to make what we do easier and more impactful 12/2020
Vicky T Running such a good meeting and keeping us all on track 12/2020
Maggie N Taking the initiative to enroll and successfully complete a course on GIS in order to be of greater assistance to library users of the GIS Corner. Your effort is greatly appreciated! 12/2020
Special Collections Just wanted to say hi and miss you all of you. You are always willing to show off your special artifacts with students instruct which we all know helps bring to life the many strands of history. Truly love you all and all that is there, and not saying this because I have a history bias or have helped with exhibits. Look forward to when Covid is long passed us and hearing lectures by your unit again.  12/2020
Jaffe Center for Book Arts Just want to say hi to everyone in there, all of you are always so welcoming and willing to take the time even when it is an impromptu tour with students I am showing the library to. Also thanks for offering your Wednesday live sessions, I continue to learn a great deal and it is also a nice way to destress from the anxiety of Covid. Look forward to once again bringing by groups of students once Covid is long passed us.  12/2020
Ben R Just want to say hi and say I truly miss bringing students the RSA office, you are always willing to stop what project you are working on to share with them a history lesson about RSA and the interesting equipment you have in there. I cannot wait to have Covid behind us and back up there with a group of students.  12/2020
RJ, Tinessa, Sarah All the ideas & work you do for engagement both shared and (those sitting in the parking lot!) 12/2020
Carol H Trying to tell our story when we are so busy trying to make our Services seamless for our users--- it's not all magically happening by itself, it takes people! 12/2020
Pam A Supporting HBOI researchers and always showcasing to them the resources of the Libraries and the work the Digital Library has done for HBOI faculty and students!  12/2020
Ken Frankel & the Instruction & Engagement Department welcoming me to the library at your department meeting! 12/2020
Joanne Parandjuk & The Digital Library Department inviting me to your department meeting! It was great to get to know you all better. 12/2020
RJ S Your team spirit and commitment to consistently showcase the Libraries and our services in effective, innovative, and impactful ways! 12/2020
Darleen C Thank you for cataloging and organizing our numerous collections. Your expertise is greatly appreciated !! The multiple campus collections are available to all thanks to your amazing efforts.  12/2020
Dawn Frood & the Library Liaisons team Thank you for keeping the Liaisons meetings so organized. I feel that this group makes an effort to keep each other well informed. Dawn & the team present many opportunities to reach out to faculty and keep them appraised of new resources and services 12/2020
Ben R Thank you for being my good teacher and willing to collaborate at any time; Your knowledge is very valuable in our RSA department. 12/2020
Chantal B Thank you for being my unconditional partner, collaborator and for making me laugh in the most difficult moments of my life. 12/2020
Tom O Your self-deprecating humor and ability to connect with students. You are the best at understanding your audience and targeting your message to the group. Your sincerity comes through 12/2020
Amy K The way you show understanding and give support to the people you supervise and always seem to be able to give helpful suggestions for plans and projects. 12/2020
April P Doing a fantastic job as ILL borrowing lead and still helping out everywhere possible, it's greatly and undeniably appreciated! 12/2020
Holly H Being really good about keeping your supervisor up to date about things that happen on T/TH when she's not in the building. Your helpfulness and concern has been noticed and appreciated! 12/2020
Desia H For your amazing customer service! You know how to defuse potentially volatile situations by not taking things personally and always putting the other person first. It is noticed and appreciated! 12/2020
Cathy C Being such a supportive person to your colleagues and for being part of the Libraries' Copyright Committee, reading Ken Crews book. You show that it is possible to be engaged and contributing to the broader mission of the Library and the University, regardless of your official job title! 12/2020
Lucy V  Replying to each graduate student submitting their ETD to confirm receipt and for being so empathetic to them during their stressful time. Your experience as an FAU Visual Arts student really helps you to understand and serve them better. This human contact means a lot! 12/2020
Sunghae R For stepping up to serve on the statewide FLVC Digital Initiatives Standing Committee. This gives FAU an important voice throughout the state 12/2020
Laurie G  Just being you! always the best and most positive attitude, my go-to person to help with anything and everything. I'm grateful to have a co-worker as reliable and kind as you. 12/2020
Crystal M Your responsiveness and genuine willingness to help and also teach others so we can learn simple troubleshooting and ways to help ourselves. 12/2020
Hansy A ALWAYS available and willing to help with any issue (big or small) and following up to make sure it's resolved... and doing it all with a great attitude too! 12/2020
Sarah E  I appreciate your ongoing positivity and how you always encourage others. 12/2020
Deepa S Thank you, Deepa, for all you have been doing to help me do my job better, especially during these stressful times. 12/2020
Teresa V I will never forget your introducing yourself to me and making small talk about Cville on my very first day -- it made me feel immediately at ease on such an overwhelming day. I miss chatting with you, my friend, and miss seeing you. 12/2020
Flo D Always having time to answer questions, and for going above and beyond for finding the answer! 12/2020
Leslie S Thanks for always having time for a friendly hello and a chat about cats! 12/2020
Beth L Thank you Beth for being a reassuring and wise supervisor. You're always available to answer questions or clarify any task we are working on. 12/2020
Leah P Being steadfast and working to keep your staff and the students in Jupiter safe and making sure that the students are served. Your example inspires all of us 12/2020
Steven M Thank you Steve for your leadership in the maintenance of the library. You're a pleasure to work with, always answering questions and clarifying work orders that are submitted. 12/2020
Kim P Being on the front lines in this insane world. I miss seeing you in the library. Hoping you are staying safe and sane! 12/2020
Sarah & Tinessa Your energy, optimism, creativity, and amazing ability to get things done! 12/2020
Garrett G Being such a creative member of the ILL team. You have an amazing ability to contribute in big ways without making it about you! A lot of us could learn from that 12/2020
Dawn S Your calm demeanor and ability to adapt to frequently changing priorities. You are a rock that has helped the library stay together through some tough times 12/2020
Darlene P Being the person behind the scenes creating the staff surveys and helping us keep track of how we are collectively doing. I miss seeing your ever-present smile. Your graciousness inspires the rest of us 12/2020
Beth L Helping us do what we need to do by keeping us on track with the budget. I miss your laugh and being able to swap crazy stories. No matter what we ask for, you find a way to make it possible. 12/2020
Christie L Being there at a moment's notice and doing anything that is asked to help the whole library keep running smoothly. And doing it with a smile and a laugh 12/2020
Crystal M Being so responsive and helpful to all of us during this crazy time 12/2020
Elise M Always being willing to step up, take responsibility and help out the library family. We have been lucky to have you join us and tell our story so effectively beyond the library 12/2020
RJ S Your sense of humor and your ability to roll with the punches - and there have been a LOT of punches this year! 12/2020
Amy K Your tenacity in dealing with complicated stuff like IPEDS, the new online catalog, and OpenAthens. Your focus helps the rest of us to be able to keep on doing our jobs. 12/2020
Victoria T The awesomeness that is you - your guidance as a boss and supervisor, your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your listening skills and appreciate more than anything your support. And value / appreciate your input in all that we do and allowing us to get a little too creative with things within our department.  12/2020
John C Your kindness and openness to share all that you know – and the opportunities you’ve given me along the way. 12/2020
Daniel S Your thoughtfulness and conversations related to music, movies, and books whenever you find your way into our area. You always surprise me with a nerdy fact or a movie I haven’t seen yet and honestly, it’s the highlight of my day. 12/2020
Jenny S Your passion and eagerness to take on new tasks and tenacity for learning new software– you’re a vital part of the Recorded Sound Archives and I always appreciate your input and insight into things and how inquisitive you are in all that we do here in the RSA. 12/2020
Chantal B Your passion and tenacity for learning new things and the energy you bring to the Recorded Sound Archives, you’re a vital part of the Recorded Sound Archives, and I appreciate our conversations and input into all that we do here in the RSA. 12/2020
Ben R Your passion for music and your attention to detail always keeps me on my toes, I appreciate your insight and your passion for sharing what we do in the Recorded Sound Archives along with all our nerdy music conversations. 12/2020
Giavana B Your eagerness to learn, your curiosity, and your spirited ways. You bring a great and warm energy to the group! 12/2020
Linda L Your humor, your intellect, your ability to calmly approach issues and problem solve, but mostly for always making us smile. You are appreciated! 12/2020
Bill A Your kindness, your sensitivity, and your unique outlook on life. I miss our lively conversations! 12/2020
Lynnette C Your sincerity, your professionalism, and your level headed approach to problem-solving. You are a valued member of the Libraries’ team! 12/2020
Steven M, Ali T & Renata J Your quick attention to fixing the Jupiter guest cards. We always know that we can count on you to get the job done! 12/2020
Chantal B Your positive attitude is uplifting and invigorating. You volunteer to take on more work learn new aspects of RSA’s core functions, I’m excited to see you develop and grow your skill set. 12/2020
Jenny S You have great energy and an eagerness to learn about all the different software and tools in RSA. It’s wonderful to watch your skill set grow and expand, I’m excited to see where your intellectual curiosity takes us. 12/2020
Ben R Your enthusiasm and passion for all things RSA is motivating! I thoroughly enjoyed the video you hosted on “How a Player Piano Works.” Your dedication and love of music is an asset for the SPC team. 12/2020
Alethea P Your creativity in finding new ways to highlight the collection is inspiring! I love the drawing and discussion format you created it’s truly original & innovative content. Thank you for helping me understand how google analytics and social media works in a larger context. 12/2020
Malka S I am thankful for your deep knowledge of cataloging and grateful for your willingness to share that knowledge. The combination of your dedication, work ethic, insightful questions, and amazing cataloging abilities (which is magical) have made all of SPC and in particular, Weiner truly stand out. 12/2020
Leslie S You are an integral member of the team, your vast knowledge of UA is a great asset to the SPC and the library. I’m impressed by your enthusiasm to learn new software and technologies—to share SPC’s treasures with students. 12/2020
Teresa V Thank you so much for helping me with teaching and reports. I’ve learned how to write better reports and be a better teacher, most of all you’ve helped me be a better manager—you are a lifesaver. 12/2020
Robert F Having you on the team makes a huge difference, I can’t wait until we get to work on more exhibitions and projects. You were with us for only 6 months before we switched to remote work, but you’ve adapted and learned so much in a short amount of time. 12/2020
Daniel S You bring a rich knowledge and understanding of all aspects of SPC, I always learn something from your presentations. Your work on cataloging JCBA and RSA has made the collections more accessible & discoverable. I can't wait to play the card game you've adapted for JCBA! 12/2020
Eric B I appreciate your innovative ideas, such as Book Artist of the Week—highlighting Books Artists and allowing JCBA to be a platform that showcases the amazing talented artists. Also, all of the web work and support for online Book Arts 101 sessions is outstanding. 12/2020
John C I am always impressed & moved by your ability to be innovative & creative, the new Book Arts 101 program format opened JCBA to a wider audience and it’s exciting. The online workshops are wonderful and innovative, I’m looking forward to the new version of the online writing social! 12/2020
Mahesh N Setting us up with our new people counter in Jupiter! We appreciate your time! 12/2020
Bryan A Golf cart rides, baked goods, and random help throughout the Library, you are always willing to assist! 12/2020
Sinnika M For all your support and work for the Digital Library! 12/2020
Kristy P Leading the copyright committee-- I am hearing that it is full of engaging and interesting discussions! 12/2020
Cathy C Representing our team on the Copyright Committee and bringing your discussion there to the DL! 12/2020
Marilee B Your generosity and for keeping us on track! Your enthusiasm lifts all of our spirits! 11/2020
Gaby C Your flexibility, your honesty, and for showing up with a smile! We couldn't keep the building open without you! Many thanks for all that you do! 11/2020
Alethea P Thank you for being part of my work life, for being a true leader. I will always be grateful for your support and great leadership. 11/2020
Steven M You’re always THERE, dude. ALWAYS there. 11/2020
Carol H, LLT & SLT A Thanksgiving note of appreciation for guiding and supporting all of us since March through these most stressful and challenging months. It is so deeply appreciated. 11/2020
Vicky T I appreciate your sense of humor and for doing a great job of communicating, encouraging, and supporting us. 11/2020
Carol H I want to thank you and let you know how grateful I am for helping us to navigate through these difficult times by focusing on the good, and how can we can continue to serve our students, faculty, and staff. 11/2020
Brian W Your willingness to take on new tasks and learn new skills as well as your dedication, interest, and enthusiasm for promoting government resources. 11/2020
Sarah E Your creativity and responsiveness. The way you always help the Government Information and Maps Department promote our resources and events with fun and attractive social media posts. 11/2020
Deepa S ensuring payments for e-resources are submitted in a timely manner and making it all seem easy as you navigate your way through Workday. Your efficiency and attention to detail have been extremely helpful, especially during this last year when you've run many usage reports for our journal and database renewals. And, you're always willing to pitch in to help with e-resources troubleshooting and take on new responsibilities such as e-book cataloging. 11/2020
Yom C Your technical expertise and helping us with our e-resources proxy issues. Also, you've done an amazing job (no surprise!) with the implementation of OpenAthens. 11/2020
Elise M Your bright outlook and caring and generous spirit! You have made a truly positive impact within the Libraries as our colleague and in all that you do for the Libraries! 11/2020
Anne F Your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for our patrons! 11/2020
Pam A Being so focused and dedicated to the needs of HBOI researchers and students. You have set the bar very high for everyone else and you do your amazing work with a smile!! 11/2020
Sheri E Your dedication to the successful launch of OpenAthens with many months of behind-the-scenes work including completing our e-resources vendor templates for EBSCO/FALSC, testing our e-resources links, and contacting vendors. Well done!  11/2020
Yom C Your vision in creating the Libraries' informative and user-friendly OpenAthens website and for developing effective and efficient ways to perform and document testing and troubleshooting issues as we successfully transition from EZproxy to OpenAthens authentication!  11/2020
Bruce B Continuing to strive for new levels of service throughout your career. Your caring for the students is evident in every presentation you do. And your self-deprecating sense of humor makes working with you a joy.  11/2020
Dawn F Your professionalism and can-do attitude. You have been a joy to work with since you joined the FAU Libraries. We are so lucky to have you 11/2020
Hector M Every day I have a reason to thank Hector for keeping me sane. He's provided expertise and resources that have made my remote and my library world a better place!!! I am forever grateful!!  11/2020
Dawn S Thank you for being a great mentor and the voice of reason!! 11/2020
Dawn F Once again you apply your magic and get us the resources we need quickly and with a smile!  11/2020
Mahesh N, Yom C, Amy K & the OPEN Athens Team  Thank you for the excellent Open Athens training, presentations, branding and videos ! and thank you for all the hard work making this happen! 11/2020
Joanne P Thank you for creating a great IR and making FAU accessible to the world ! and always being available to take on new projects to feature our students and researchers ! 11/2020
Government Maps & Information Department Always being willing to adapt and serve our students and faculty in new ways. Over and over again, you guys have stepped up, both before the pandemic and since March.  11/2020
RJ S, Tinessa C, & Sarah E Your seemingly boundless energy and optimism. Your positive attitude is infectious and your creativity and follow through are an inspiration to the entire library. We literally could not have provided any level of service without your efforts since March 11/2020
Instruction & Engagement Department Your willingness to adapt and deliver core services to the faculty and students in the face of extremely difficult circumstances. Your professionalism and calm have gone a long way to making the Libraries continue to matter during an extended period of working remotely. 11/2020
ILL Staff For giving the Libraries a very visible face during the pandemic. Your efforts have made it obvious to outsiders that the Libraries are continuing to serve our users, in a way that many of our other services have not been able to do. 11/2020
Special Collections Staff Being so devoted to FAU's students and always going the extra mile for them and for the University. Your hard work is an inspiration to all of us and your dedication to sharing the most special parts of the FAU Libraries allows us to shine, even in the midst of a pandemic. We love you guys!  11/2020
Access Services Staff Being on the front lines and keeping things running smoothly for FAU's students. The University owes you a debt of gratitude. In the absence of the University acknowledging your extraordinary effort and contributions, I know that all of us in the Libraries are deeply grateful and in awe of what you do every single day 11/2020
Library Staff Crazy times, indeed, but we’ve held our own and adapted. Shout out to EVERYONE! 11/2020
ILL Team You’re like the MARINES of the library. “Front-line” stuff! MUCH appreciated! 11/2020
Dawn F Thanks for being so approachable and willing to help! 11/2020
Lauri R You’re an invaluable part of our department, in SO many ways. 11/2020
Ken F You show leadership “by example” - THAT’S leadership! 11/2020
Carol H I’ thankful for you being you. It’s been a tough time, to say the least. “Thank you.” 11/2020
Malka S Being so generous and kind, willing to help others without a second thought but with a friendly smile, and unwavering and meticulous attention to detail. We are so fortunate to have you as a colleague. 11/2020
Leah P Just knowing you are in the office next to mine is comforting. You are a great director! You deserve an extra big thank you for your ongoing leadership and support during this difficult time! 11/2020
Access Services Staff You opened the building with a can do attitude from day one. We've had to make changes on the fly and everyone stepped up to do more than their share. Your enthusiasm and dependability have made it easier to welcome our students back to learning this semester. 11/2020
Renata & Ali You willingly took on mask and social distancing enforcement duties in Wimberly. Not everyone cares to play by the rules, even in a pandemic but you've stepped in with your authority and even demeanor to help keep users and staff safe. 11/2020
Giavanna B Thank you for your unbridled enthusiasm and awesome sense of humor. You make us laugh during good times and bad. You jump in with 1000 percent participation in any project that you are given. And I have enjoyed your home improvement skills and projects during the pandemic. You have put your time at home to excellent use! Keep up the good work! 11/2020
Leah P Thank you for being our fearless leader! This has been a tough year for us in so many ways, and you have been handling it like a professional. I can always count on you for any support that I need. Your calm and steady approach to any issues that come up are greatly appreciated. I don't know if we tell you that enough. So here it is in writing. We love you Leah!! 11/2020
Marilee B Thank you for your outstanding job of overseeing the library and staff. You are constantly checking every facet of our current library procedures and keeping everyone on track and operations flowing smoothly. It is a huge relief for me to know that you have our backs! 11/2020
Sandy R Thank you for the Random times you took one look at me in the hall and knew I needed a kind word just to get through a dark day, may the sun always shine on you 11/2020
Access Services I would like to give a huge shout out to the entire Access Services Department both daytime and night crews. This thank you goes back to even before COVID for all the hard work you do on the front lines and helping the students when they have reference questions when we are not able to be there to address them. So, Thank you, one and all. 11/2020
ITS Department I like to give a large shout to the ITS department for making sure all of us who are working from home able to do so through all your hard work. Not to mention to being able to remote in and fixing my ZOOM issue literally minutes before our Election 2020 Webinar. Thanks to all of you.  11/2020
Bruce B I would like to thank you Bruce for given me a chance when you hired me all those years ago to work in Government Documents. I would like to say thank you for your constant support while I earned my MLS in E-Gov. and mentorship in the world of Government Documents. Not to mention allow me to continue to work with the Government Information & Maps Department even after moving on to working in I&E.  11/2020
Linda L While still working from home I can always depend on you for ILL answers on my questions and detailed camera surveillance . You are the best spy I know! 11/2020
Giavanna B Your diligent work on updating our LibGuides. Your zealous work is evident in what you have accomplished.  11/2020
Gaby C Always being flexible with your hours and taking on lots of new tasks since coming back to work in the library. Happy Birthday!!!  11/2020
Sarah E Being flexible and putting up with so many last minute requests and changes to communications, promotions, events, etc... 11/2020
Crystal M Your willingness to apply your skills in design and tech together to help advance the library beyond your ITS duties! 11/2020
Kristy P Your presentations and explanations of the various scholarly communication topics are so well done! 11/2020
Joanne P Really like the off-line ingest for our current project - makes our work so much easier! 11/2020
Tinessa C Always being on top of things, professional and courteous in all dealings. 11/2020
Laurie G your friendly disposition, hard work, and patience. You've always provided me with the answers I needed or pointed me in the right direction. 11/2020
Instruction & Engagement Team We adapt, and we move forward. 11/2020
Carol H A mega shout out to Carol for providing air purifiers for those of us that are back in the building. This equipment only continues to demonstrate your commitment to providing a safe work environment during these trying times. Thank you! 11/2020
ITS Their continued support, help & assistance to everyone with a range of issues from hardware, software, helping all of us do our jobs.  11/2020
ILL Team For being on the frontlines and delivering amazing services to everyone. y'all rock!!  11/2020
Bruce B Your steadfast leadership and commitment to making important government information visible to students in interesting and creative ways! 11/2020
Yom C No matter how busy Yom is, he is always so friendly and so willing to help solve problems. He has so much knowledge and skill and always answers questions with a smile and a laugh. Although we are in different departments, I learn so much from Yom, and I feel very lucky that our departments intersect. Truly a great colleague. Thank you, Yom!!! 11/2020
John C & Eric B Working with you during virtual and in-person events is so pleasant. You embrace new things, remain calm during hiccups, are flexible with the outcome, & always offer to help. Thanks for being the kindest people! 11/2020
The ILL Crew Being recognized by a faculty member who stated, "I love ILL" when they came to pickup their materials. 11/2020
Melanie P being an excellent role model and always coming up with amazing ideas for student engagement. Your team does great work, in part, because of your outstanding leadership. 11/2020
Garrett G providing great customer service to our users and always putting in 110%  11/2020
Eric B all of the outstanding work you do to make the Jaffe Center one of the Libraries' showpieces 11/2020
Sarah E all of the awesome work you do on our social media accounts! 11/2020
Teron M the hard work you do each day in keeping Wimberly open (and safe!) for students to research and study. 11/2020
Laurie G Everything, from answering random HR questions to odd workday questions to fulfilling & fielding all building requests most of all her friendliness and collegiality!  11/2020
Dawn F staying on top of so many things! You're amazing with the liaisons and are always thinking one step ahead. You've always been a bright spot and even more so during these trying times. 11/2020
Malka S, Kristy P, Lauri R, & Larry M Your support, encouragement, tireless work and for getting me through a stressful experience. Many, many thanks! 11/2020
ITS Team your patience, dependability, and for getting all of us up and running virtually during these crazy times. Don't know what we'd do without you! 11/2020
Linda L Your sense of humor and for your incredible camera monitoring skills! I always feel safe in the building with you watching out for us! 11/2020
Mahesh N Thank you for your leadership especially during COVID. You ensured that we had the processes and technology in place to support library staff and students. 11/2020
Jerrel H Jerrel always takes the initiative to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Always mulling things over and rolling her ideas around, her willingness to go the extra mile is unmatched. Truly a great co-worker. 11/2020
Sunghae R Sunghae is a true professional and a great analyzer who asks the questions that need to be asked without reservation. Plus, she is able to make me giggle at random over nothing in particular. All it takes is one glance from her and off I go. Always ready with a smile, Sunghae is one reason I miss working in the library.  11/2020
Tiffany M All you do for the students at faculty at the College of Medicine! 11/2020
Maris H Answering my many, many questions about the CoM Library Resources as I get settled at FAU. 11/2020
Teron M For always, always, always having a friendly wave and word when our paths cross. It's always been appreciated, but even more so now during the "new normal." 11/2020
Tiffany F & Michelle K Being such terrific friendly and professional colleagues, and always having such wonderfully accurate and complete cites in your CoM ILL requests! 11/2020
Laurie G Helping us out with supplies, invoices, and other sundry things during this challenging and "interesting" times! 11/2020
Robert F Always being a friendly face in SpecColl (even when masked!), and almost always having the answer at your fingertips.  11/2020
Dawn F Thank you for cheerfully leading the liaisons, flexibly refining the roles along the way, and keeping us posted and informed! 11/2020
ITS Department Thank you for your knowledgeable, responsive service with a laugh and smile, and for sticking with solving the technical puzzles that come up! 11/2020
Melanie P Being a courageous and compassionate leader! 11/2020
Vicky T Being a kind, caring and supportive boss during this craziness 11/2020
Darleen C bringing cheer and a positive attitude to the department and taking on new challenges with a smile. 11/2020
Carol H Your incredible ability to steadfastly make the well-being of every one of the library's employees as your main focus at this most difficult of times. 11/2020
Hector M Being my go-to guy about my IT problems. You are patient, kind and you always help us out to the end. We appreciate you!  11/2020
Desia H Your consistent outstanding display of customer service! You are a part of what makes this team great! Thank you! 11/2020
Matthew P Being helpful and going above and beyond. You play a major part in the success of the team! Thank you! 11/2020
Teron M Your constant and consistent willingness to help out. Whether in Circ. or ITS. Thanks! 11/2020
Sheri E taking on new challenges and expanding your knowledge of e-resources and licensing - and doing it all with poise and true professionalism.  11/2020
Anne F staying on top of e-resources troubleshooting issues and always finding ways to improve the access to and discovery of our e-journals and databases. 11/2020
Bruce B always providing sound advice and feedback, and for being a supportive colleague and friend through the years. 11/2020
Brian W your flexibility and willingness for taking on extra responsibilities. And thank you for continue to be a great co-workers who always bring positive energy to the team. 11/2020
Bruce B always be a great and supportive leader! You show care and respect for others. And always keep us informed with all the important updates at workplace. 11/2020
Maggie N Your great help in putting together a successful webinar 11/2020
Darlene P All of your hard work and dedication to the success of the Libraries' assessment program and for being such a compassionate and supportive colleague! 11/2020
Lucy V Working so hard to be the Best at your job and as a student! You are at once a staff member making calls to support students and the student who needs our support. Stay strong-- we are here for you! 11/2020
Cathy C You Keeping Calm and Carrying On during chaotic times. You are so thoughtful and kind to your coworkers not just our DL team but so supportive of Library peeps across departments! 11/2020
Teron M Thank you so much for helping ITS with computer support Thank you for helping me with projects.  11/2020
Gaby C Thank you so much for helping ITS with computer support at your campus when we can be there. Always willing to help with us.  11/2020
Beth L For always anwering questions about the budget and guiding me through Workday. Thank you for helping me with issues with PO's and invoices. I miss your smile. 11/2020
Carol H Hi Carol, I just wanted to say thank you for leading us and keeping us informed during these chaotic times. I am grateful for the willingness to push many of junior librarians to look beyond our little silos and strive to be leaders and a voice. It is nice to be part of a team that is working to make our library better for everyone who works there and comes into our doors. Seeing the changes that our library has gone through truly makes me proud to be part of something bigger then just our little silo.  11/2020
Ken F Hi Ken, I like to say thank you and I am grateful to have you as a supervisor. You allow all of us to be leaders in our own way and you are always there to listen to us and offer up some good sage advice when needed.  11/2020
Dawn S I truly like to say thank you for being a great mentor and supervisor during my entire time here at FAU. I truly am grateful for all that you have taught me and also grateful to call you a friend.  11/2020
Carol H Opening up to offer the humanity inside herself, as well fully supporting the dignity and safety of her staff during this pandemic. 10/2020
Vicky T Acting as a glue to maintain everyone in SPC's sanity, in an insane time! 10/2020
Daniel S Having a great sense of humor and not allowing yourself, or others, to take things too seriously. 10/2020
John C Promoting a creative and positive environment that everyone can feel free to take part in. 10/2020
Steven M Always being my go to guy for polices and procedures! A 1000 thank yous! 10/2020
Carol H Thank you for your leadership and keeping us all informed in this very strange time. Looking forward to when we can all get together and bring in desserts to share with each other (including rum cake) to celebrate surviving all of the craziness that was 2020 -- whenever it may be!  10/2020
Joanne P being being our cheerleader and supportive boss. Your encouragement and pep talks and humor has been helping us get through some really challenging times for each of us. It is really appreciated. You are the best. 10/2020
Larry M Being a great team member and always being willing to step up for new challenges 10/2020
Tom O Your instructional sessions which get great feedback from faculty, your work with PBSC, and your sense of humor 10/2020
Melanie P Keeping an unbelievable number of plates spinning at once... with a smile and a kind word always. 10/2020
Tinessa C & Sarah E Your wonderful work, which is all done behind the scenes and we all benefit greatly! 10/2020
RJ S Bringing this nifty tool to us... whether we write one or receive one, we feel equally fantastic! 10/2020
Vicky T Bringing delight to prospective donors with our special collections; you make FAU look great! 10/2020
Gaby C Always has a kind word and such positive energy!  10/2020
Maris H Always so positive and kind. A great boss in every way. 10/2020
Hansy A Always so patient and kind; you're a great problem solver! 10/2020
Sunghae R I thank you for trying to break islandora for me :) and for listening to me say 'load, load,' followed by 'stop loading, stop loading.' Our constant crashing the site has led them to redesign' Zip Import' today for us "whoot whoot" 10/2020
Sunghae R for working in the background to build great digital collections that showcase the library, as well as FAU students and faculty 10/2020
Ninoska W You gave me a little Panama change purse memento. I keep my ear buds in it and everyday I take them out for my daily meditation, and I thank u Nikki, namaste 10/2020
Steven M Thank you for being you. A great colleague and friend. Thanks for always keeping all of us as to the what is going on in the building no matter how big or small it may be. 10/2020
Lauri R Your great instructional sessions, customer service, and ability to keep track of vast amounts of information. 10/2020
Carol H Thanks for strongly advocating for the safety of library employees in dangerous times. 10/2020
I&E Team It is truly great to be working with a small but great group of colleagues. Knowing someone always has my back as I theirs as we work to instruct and inform the FAU community one workshop or instruction session at a time.  10/2020
Dawn F Thank you the amazing support on the back in of collection development, you truly allow us liaisons to shine like Rock Stars in the eyes of the faculty we work with when we come back in a very quick manner with their eBooks for courses.  10/2020
Huong P being so kind and patient with your co-workers and students.  10/2020
Laurie G Thank you for always having the patience to explain the magical workings of WORKDAY. 10/2020
Vicky T Thank you for ensuring our great historical works are maintained and presented for future history students to learn from.  10/2020
Joanne P Developing an amazing Institutional Repository for FAU research and Discovery! And welcoming new ideas , new collections, and data !  10/2020
Dawn S Continuing to step up to new leadership roles and being such a good mentor and colleague 10/2020
Melanie P Leading us through this period of change - you always knock it out of the park when we're faced with a challenge! 10/2020
Deepa S doing such a great job with taking care of the payment end of our electronic resources. You have really helped us turn this around 10/2020
Hector M Being very helpful with our myriad of technological snags and always willing to work with us on problems. 10/2020
Tom O taking such good care of our PBSC neighbors and being such an outstanding teacher. Students really relate to you 10/2020
Maris H Providing leadership, data, and a calm presence while coordinating all those collections and vendors In the world of shrinking budgets! 10/2020
Maggie N taking on whatever new challenge comes your way and for making the Government Information and Maps department shine 10/2020
Tiffany F Sticking with us and helping us navigate the challenges of serving the College of Medicine 10/2020
Hector M Thinking of ways to improve the libraries technologies and outreach. With a smile and a tech fee proposal! 10/2020
Bryan A being part of the Implementation Team and helping to get the Wimberly Library ready to be re-opened to the public. Your can-do attitude makes a big difference 10/2020
Garrett G Keeping the northern campus Loans coordinated and on track while we’re working remotely!! It’s all in the details! 10/2020
Sheri E being willing to take on new challenges and for showing leadership in your new roles 10/2020
Ken F continuing to evolve and change and work hard to make the library succeed in its mission 10/2020
Alethea P your amazing creativity and generous spirit that guides the RSA and so much more 10/2020
Lauri R Keeping us on track and trained with the latest and greatest Libguides and Springshare news! 10/2020
Kristy P Keeping us up to date and sharing the latest trends and data with excellent professional development presentations!! 10/2020
Brian W Thank you for stepping in to help us in ILL! Your positive attitude and willingness to learn whole new job tasks to help a different department is greatly appreciated. 10/2020
The Library Everybody is giving all their help and putting their effects together!! Keep up the good work!!! 10/2020
Giavana B Your creativity, your boundless energy, your enthusiasm and your love of the library.  10/2020
Christie L For being both sassy and irreverent, and completely business-like and reliable! 10/2020
Gaby C You have been such an asset to our library team in so many ways! Thank you for jumping right in to do my interlibrary loans while I am working from home. You are doing a great job! And Sophie sends her love.  10/2020
Amy K Your curiosity and passion for new ideas. You make everyone around you shine a little brighter! 10/2020
Marilee B Your superb organizational skills that nobody else can match, your devotion to the library through thick and thin, and for keeping us all afloat.  10/2020
Gaby C Your flexibility, your willingness to go the extra mile, your calm demeanor and your ability to problem solve with a clear head.  10/2020
Carol H Your shout out of course, and for everything that you do for us. Do you ever sleep? You keep us all well informed and fiercely support the library. During this very stressful pandemic, this is such a huge relief to me. Thanks!!! 10/2020
John C Your quiet, steady, unrelenting commitment to bringing us joy through art. You're an amazing colleague, always open to partnering and new ideas. 10/2020
Bryan A Lending a helping hand to our department through the years, especially after the library reopened this fall when we had many boxes of book shipments to unpack and prepare for the stacks. 10/2020
Beth L Patiently answering my questions about the budget and guiding me through Workday 10/2020
Maris H Sharing your vast knowledge about the Libraries with such graciousness and care, and always embracing opportunities to be a fantastic partner. 10/2020
Bryan A Helping us with all the heavy tasks. Thank you for always being there when needed. We couldn't do it without you. 10/2020
ILL Staff Thank you so much for all the work your dept has done for me with keeping track of my packages and orders. For always letting me know when things come in.  10/2020
Hector M Bringing your A-game to every task, and doing so with compassion and care. 10/2020
Carol H Leading us with high aspirations, expertise, kindness, compassion, dignity and grace. 10/2020

Dawn F

For giving quick, accurate, and efficient answers about collection issues, and always doing it with a smile and a joke. 10/2020
Carol H Providing leadership and guidance during these difficult times and ensuring we have the resources to be successful. 10/2020
Steven M Always being a terrific colleague to work with, but special thanks for collaborating and backing up ILL when we need it, both during the shutdown and during the current "mini shutdown." You rock, Steve! 10/2020
Sinikka M For your sincere friendliness and helpfulness while we all try to figure out this "new normal." 10/2020
Hector M For being with us in the trenches since Day One of all of this, helping us with supplies and IT issues, treating me and my staff with kindness, and checking in on us and just saying hi on days we're both in the building. You're a great guy and a great colleague, Kylo. May the Force always be with you. 10/2020
ILL Staff Thanks to all of you: April, Garrett, Holly, Kim, and Sandy. You've taken a horrible once-in-a-century situation and quickly ran to action stations and kept the wheels turning in ILL, and have done it all with humor, snark, and nerdiness, while still keeping to your usual high levels of dedication to patron services. I couldn't do it without you. 10/2020
Brian W What a great coworker you are! Thank you so much for being part of our team and pitching in and making our load lighter. And, of course, thank you for the snacks! 10/2020
Brian W Thank you so much for your help in ILL! You've adapted very quickly and we greatly appreciate the help -- AND we like having you here :) 10/2020
ILL Staff Thank you to every single member of ILL for your hard work. We already were a good team, but we've pulled together even more during this time. We really are the ILL Commandos! 10/2020
Mahesh N Shout out to Mahesh for your help with installing the new lockers and working with us to figure out the workflow for our patrons! 10/2020
Sandra R Thank you for making campus mail and US mail during a pandemic happen! I was stressing over this until your knowledge and compassion made the stress disappear. 10/2020
Larry M Stepping up to join LLT to help represent your colleagues and for already being such a strong, positive voice in that group. Don't ever stop speaking out and reflecting on how we can be better 10/2020
Steven M Always be "that guy" that we can depend upon to fill in the gaps when something needs to be done and we don't quite have all the details worked out 10/2020
Renata J Being one of the "first responders," coming back and reopening the library to our students. It hasn't been easy and your strength and determination have helped to make it successful 10/2020
Ali T Being one of the essential people allowing us to reopen the library. Your work on the front lines is crucial to our success and is deeply appreciated 10/2020
Sarah E Your fabulous work on the video tour of the Wimberly Library. The video makes us look great! 10/2020
Amy K Being such a compassionate leader and always looking out for other people 10/2020
Huong P Always finding a way to support your co-workers during this very difficult time 10/2020
John C Stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone and making the library look great while doing it 10/2020
Malka S Being so efficient, dedicated and just plain nice to be around! Miss seeing you but your presence and light is still felt 10/2020
Daniel S Being part of the Library Live program and representing not just Special Collections but the whole library so well 10/2020
Eric B Always being willing to be the person in the background so that others can shine 10/2020
Pam A Being such a strong presence and support for HBOI, even from a distance 10/2020
Garrett G Taking on a big role with the lockers and also for being the face of ILL in the Library Live program! 10/2020
Holly H Doing what needs to be done and keeping a positive attitude 10/2020
April P Juggling so many different things all while dealing with patrons who don't understand the significance of COVID19 10/2020
Sandy R working so hard with e-lending and keeping the physical mail going in the library, too 10/2020
Kim P For taking on the work of the students, in addition to your normal work, and helping to keep things running smoothly in ILL 10/2020
Linda L & Sophie Linda, for always being ready to greet & assist students and showing off your favorite co-pilot Sophie, who with her sweet little poodle face, white curls and hanging tongue brings a smile to everyone through VC. 10/2020
Leslie S taking on new roles and always trying to make things better for those around you 10/2020
Anne F Going above and beyond to troubleshoot technical issues in Clinical Key! 10/2020
Dawn F Keeping the liaison meetings interesting and informative! Great job for being quick to the rescue when a resource is needed ASAP! 10/2020
Tinessa C Making sure that FAU Libraries meetings and presentations are exceptional! She's made suggestions to improve graphics, slides and wording for FAU Libraries Live, but she adds a new dimension of professionalism when she moderates. We look great! Thanks, Tinessa! 10/2020
RJ S Being honest and not being afraid to state your point of view, while still being kind and flexible 10/2020
Ben R Being so passionate about the RSA and for always being willing to share the fun stuff in your area with students and visitors 10/2020
Darleen C Having one of the best smiles of anyone in the library and for being so open to having fun while working hard 10/2020
Hector M Being so willing to do whatever needs to be done and for helping us through these tough times with humor and good spirits! 10/2020
Linda L Being so engaged and participating fully in library conversations, especially LLT. Showing up is half the battle and taking a chance to speak up and share your opinion is the other half! 10/2020
Maris H Being the world's greatest multi-tasker! 10/2020
Brian W Staying so positive and pitching in to help the library deliver essential services 10/2020
Elise M Adopting us crazy library people and working so hard to help us find donors. With the added benefit that your kindness and graciousness bring comfort and joy to us 10/2020
Jenny S Your kind heart and beautiful smile. You can light up a room and I look forward to seeing you in person again some day soon 10/2020
Laurie G For always being so patient and kind. Even on the phone, I can hear the smile in your voice and it makes me feel happy 10/2020
Christie L For sharing your daughter with us in meetings and for getting your work done so fast, no matter what 10/2020
Leah P Persevering against incredible odds and showing compassion for others through it all 10/2020
Melanie P Being one of the most creative people around and for caring so much about your staff and the students 10/2020
Jerrel H Being willing to pitch in and do work that needs to be done, even if it's not technically "your job." It is an inspiration to work with you 10/2020
Hansy A Being so patient and helping us cope with the frustrations of technology. You hear it all and you stay calm and positive 10/2020
Crystal M Being so responsive and helpful and showing us all what grace and compassion can achieve when matched with strength and determination 10/2020
Yom C Being such an effective project leader and helping the library make major progress in so many areas 10/2020

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