Owl Card Use in the Library

Library Cards
Your Owl Card is your library card and enables you to borrow library materials and access online electronic databases and journals from off-campus.  The card must be activated at the Circulation Desk.  This is a one-time procedure that takes less than a minute and is done in person for the protection of the cardholder.  Go to the Owl Card Services page for more information on its uses on campus. 

Distance Learning students may obtain their Owl Card by completing an online form and may activate their library card by calling (561) 297-6911, or emailing lycirc@fau.edu, although if possible the card should be activated in person.  The Owl Card also may be used for printing and photocopying in the library (see below).

Photocopying and Printing
To make photocopies and to print from the Libraries' PCs and microform readers, you need to use the FAU Printing Services portal at http://www.fau.edu/print.

Current charges for copies and printing in the library are as follows:

Black and white photocopies: $.08
Black and white printing: $.08
Color printing and photocopying: $.30

Last modified at 10/03/2018 - 13:29 PM