General Question

Where do I go to get my OpenAthens questions answered?

Visit our Contact Us page

Who can use the Libraries' electronic databases, journals and books off campus?

The FAU Libraries must follow the licensing agreements of database providers which allow only authorized users to access their sites from off campus. Authorized users include current FAU students, faculty and staff. See FAU Libraries Borrowing Privileges.

How do I sign in with my FAUNet ID?

FAUNet is FAU's central authentication system and an FAUNet ID is automatically assigned to you. If you have not claimed your account, visit MyFAU and log in with your initial default password. 

When I sign in using my FAUNet ID, my name and password don't work. What's wrong?

See the OIT Help Desk for all issues related to your FAUNet ID.

Do I need to do anything to my computer/internet browser?

Accept Cookies in your browser's preferences/options settings. Cookies will expire and are removed upon closing your browser session.
Enable Java/JavaScript in your browser's preferences/options settings.

How long will I stay logged in to OpenAthens before my session expires?

The session lasts up to eight hours or the closing of the browser, whichever is less


I'm at work and cannot access the databases. Why not?

Deactivate any proxy configuration settings in your browser software's internet options settings. Your workplace may be using a firewall or a proxy server for security reasons. If you get the message, "This page cannot be displayed," then the connection problem is probably due to a firewall. You will need to contact your company's network administrator for assistance.

Why am I being asked to sign in to a database or electronic journal, or pay for an article?

The library may not have access to that resource. Please email eresources@fau.edu.

Tip and Tricks

When I get email alerts from journals, why can't I use the links to access the articles?

Some vendors add the prefix which enables off-campus linking to alerts, some don't. If the links you are provided with don't start with: "https://go.openathens.net/redirector/fau.edu?url=" they won't work off campus. You can try adding the prefix, or use the OpenAthens Link Maker tool.

Why should I sign in to OpenAthens when using OneSearch, Pubmed or Google Scholar?

Although you are able to search these resources without signing into OpenAthens, by signing in you will be recognized as an FAU user and custom features will be available: OneSearch and Google Scholar results will display citation counts from Web of Science, and PubMed and Google Scholar results will link directly to FAU subscribed resources via the Find it @ FAU link. Please note that if you are already on campus, you will also have access to these custom features.

If you are already signed in to OpenAthens and remain in the same browser, you will remain authenticated when navigating to these databases. You can also find the links on the Libraries' Indexes/Databases page.

As faculty, how would I add the proxy URL to create links to databases, journals, or articles in my syllabus?

You can use the OpenAthens Link Maker to easily add the OpenAthens information to a permalink. 


What is the OpenAthens' LISTSERV email address?

You can subscribe to the OpenAthens' LISTSERV (FLVC-OPENATHENS@LISTSERV.FLVC.ORG)  by visiting the following web page: https://listserv.flvc.org/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=FLVC-OPENATHENS&A=1 

 FLVC-OPENATHENS is an open subscription list supporting FLVC's OpenAthens implementation.


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