Introduction to formatting a paper, creating in-text citations, and documenting sources using MLA citation style. It also provides the purposes of using MLA.

A 30-minute introduction to CINAHL, PubMed, and other health science information sources such as government and organizational sites.  Recommended for nursing, interdisciplinary health science, health administration, and related majors.

Librarian Lauri Rebar introduces the purpose of APA style (6th edition) and its use in college and research settings.  Bias in language, active voice, and writing conventions are covered.

Librarian Lauri Rebar will demonstrate how to cite commonly used sources such as books, journals, and web pages, and also explains in-text citations and ways to include them in a paper using APA style format (6th edition).

Fifty-minute workshop webinar:  introduction to information sources such as journals, books, and other information sources used in Psychology and related fields.

A good social media presence is important for professional reasons, but did you know you can use social media to find jobs?  Chelsea Saka of the FAU Career Center presents how to do this!

Fifty-minute introduction APA citation style (6th edition)!  Learn about setting up a paper, creating in-text citations, and making references using APA style.

This introduction to the library and its services will get you started with finding books, articles, and other materials available in FAU Libraries.  Recommended for all students and anyone who wants a refresher.

Describes steps to the literature review and the various types.  Recommended for upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students in any major.