How do I Submit a ticket?

When IT assistance is needed, a ticket may be created by sending an email to Information Technology Services department at libticket@fau.edu or through the ticket system web portal at https://libticket.fau.edu/. The ticket system login is your FAUNet ID and password. Please follow the department or unit protocol provided by your supervisor for submitting a ticket to the Information Technology department.

What are the ITS department Hours of Operation?

8 AM - 5 PM (Monday - Friday)

I'm having trouble accessing the wifi on my personal device

Double check that your device has been registered for access to the wireless, often a reboot may be required after the first registration.  For more information and a walkthrough check out the FAU Wireless instructions.

How do I access the computers in the Library?

Students and Faculty can login with their FAU.net credentials.  If you are a guest you may use the guest login or the automatic login for the circulation computers.

Can I save my files to the computers in the Library?

The computers will remove any data saved to them once rebooted.  Any data should be saved to a network resource, flash drive, portable HDD or cloud storage.

I can't print, or I need to add funds to my printing account.

If you are having trouble printing or releasing a job, check first to make sure there are funds on your Owl Card Printing Account.  Visit https://fauprint.fau.edu/user to verify.  If you are still having trouble stop by the Service Desk in the Lobby.

Where can I get help accessing a library journal or database?

Please stop by the Service Desk in the Lobby and one of the Reference Librarians can assist you. 

My EZProxy account was compromised!  Help!

EZProxy is so you can access Library Journals and Databases from home and outside of the FAU network.  If you feel your account has been compromised or it was locked due to a compromise, please contact us at libticket@fau.edu 

I can't log in to my FAU.net account.  My password won't work!

First try a self reset by visiting Account Self Service and go through the Forgot password self help.  If you are not successful in receiving a verification code via SMS or answering the questions, please contact the OIT Help Desk (561) 297 3999 for further assistance with resetting your password.

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