Electronic Resources Trial Policy

Policy on Trials to Electronic Resources

Electronic resources trials provide temporary access to databases, e-book collections, streaming videos,and other similar products that are not currently part of the Libraries’ collection.They give students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to explore and evaluate a product’s content and functionality.
Trials also allowlibrary staff to test out new products prior to acquiring them

Prior to requesting a trial, please note the following:
Trials are for evaluation purposes only and should not be used for class projects or assignments without permission.

  1. There is no guarantee that any products that are trialed will be acquired or purchased by the Libraries. The ability to add a product to the electronic resources collection will depend on the availability of funds in the Libraries’ materials budget.
  2. Products that we trial should support an academic curriculum, research program, or instructional need per the FAU Libraries Collection Development Policy and the Electronic Resources Policy.
  3. Current faculty, students, and staff may request trials. Students must have the support of a faculty member.
  4. In accordance with this trials policy, Faculty are advised to contact the library to begin new trials. Library staff will not offer support or assistance for any trials that are not established directly through the Libraries.
  5. Whenever possible, requestors should evaluate a trial and fill out an evaluation form. Librarians who request a trial should be willing to attend any training or informational meetings that are provided by the vendor.
  6. Products are trialed between September and April of each year. This allows faculty the opportunity review and evaluate product trials during the fall and spring semesters.
  7. Trials usually run for one month or 30 days. If a trial is needed for a longer period, the Libraries can inquire with the vendor to see about an extension, which typically runs for an additional two weeks. The Libraries can not guarantee that any requests for extensions will be granted by the vendor.
  8. Requests for trials should be submitted at least one month in advance.
  9. Librarian liaisons should promote trials to their respective academic units/departments accordingly.


  1. Fill out the online form to request a trial for an electronic resource.
  2. When the trial is live, test it out, do sample searches,and have fun with it!
  3. Fill out an evaluation form. Your feedback is important and will allow us to gauge whether or not a purchase or subscription is worth pursuing.

This policy was reviewed in April 2017 by the Library Leadership Team.

For questions, please contact Maris Hayashi at eresources@fau.edu

Last modified at 07/10/2018 - 10:31 AM