Computer Lab Rules and Policies

FAU Libraries Computer Lab Environment:

The FAU Libraries Computer Lab is located on the second floor of the Boca Raton Campus Library in room LY 216 (behind the glass wall). Access to the Computer Lab is through room LY 215 which is the FAU Libraries Computer Commons. (The FAU Libraries Computer Lab Rules and Policies are not in effect in the Computer Commons. The FAU Libraries Computer Lab is a Quiet Zone area, and the Computer Commons is a Low Conversation Zone area.)

The FAU Libraries Computer Lab is provided for FAU students to complete course work related to their studies at Florida Atlantic University.

Students are not authorized to unplug cables (including mouse, keyboard, monitor or network cable) from the back of computers. Students should report any non-functional PC to the Computer Lab Assistant or add an entry to the PC Problem Log located at the Computer Lab Assistant desk.

Computer Lab PCs are configured to provide a specific suite of application software that meets the needs of most students. The Computer Lab is not equipped to support all commercially available software. Students may click on the “Self Service Guide for Students” desktop shortcut for a listing of current Computer Lab software.

The Computer Lab is a Quiet Zone to allow students to use their time productively and with few distractions:

  • No cell phone conversations (if cell phones are on, they must be set to vibrate)
  • No loud voices (Talking should be done at a whispering level )
  • No amplified music (headphones are required when listening to music or any audible software)

For noise concerns, please speak with the Computer Lab Assistant or contact 561-297-6911 when the Computer Lab Assistant is unavailable.

  • One PC login is allowed per student (more than one PC may not be used at a time, and PCs may not be saved for other students).
  • One chair is allowed per workstation. (If students would like to work in a group, group study is highly encouraged at other locations in the library including the Computer Commons (LY 215), study rooms, and collaborative study stations.)
  • Students must supply their own USB drives in order to save their work to a removable storage device. Anything stored on the PC will be deleted at the end of the session when the PC is rebooted.
  • Children are not allowed at the computer workstations or other equipment located in any area of the Library. This equipment is provided for scholarly research only (FAU Libraries Children Policy).
  • Student Accounts:
  • All students are required to use their own FAUNetID and password to login to a Computer Lab PC. All students are expected to safeguard their accounts and not divulge their passwords.

Academic vs. Personal Use:

Students may use the PCs to check email and to browse the Internet for personal use as long as there are PCs available in the Computer Lab for academic use. If PCs are needed for academic use, students using the PCs for personal use will be asked to log off the PC.

Playing computer games that are not course work related is not allowed. Students playing computer games will be asked to close the game and leave the Computer Lab.

Computer Lab Assistant:

Our Computer Lab Assistant is available to help students with login issues, starting applications, printing issues, and technical issues with the PC. The Lab Assistant can provide general information on Windows. The Lab Assistant does not debug programs, analyze output or assist with homework in the Computer Lab. Students should consult their T/A or professor for this type of help.

Non-Compliance with the Computer Lab Rules and Policies:

Students using the FAU Libraries Computer Lab must adhere to the Florida Atlantic University Student Code of Conduct – Regulation 4.007.

Loud/abusive language, any unsafe actions such as horseplay or fighting, or non-compliance with any of the above rules will be considered grounds for revoking the student’s Computer Lab privileges. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Non-compliance with the rules may also result in referral to the Dean of Student Affairs, or in extreme cases, to the University Police.

FAU enforces statute 847.0135, the “Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act of 1986.”

Questions regarding the FAU Libraries Computer Lab Rules and Policies should be directed to Amy Kornblau, Assistant Dean, Systems.

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