Collaborative Workstations and Study Rooms Policy

The FAU Wimberly Library (Boca Raton campus) provides access to collaborative workstations for FAU/PBSC students working in groups on projects and presentations.  Seven workstations dedicated to this function are now available adjacent to the Information and Engagement Department (1st Floor East), Alumni Alcove (1st Floor West), the Library Computer Lab (2nd Floor West), and in the following three study rooms: LY403, LY404 and LY 405.

Open Floor Workstation

  • Groups of two or more students can work collaboratively at the open floor workstations on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The open floor collaborative stations do not have any time-limits, and do not have a reservation system or queue.
  • Patrons cannot "claim" spots and then take long breaks from the workstation.

Study Rooms Collaborative Workstations:  LY 403, 404 and 405

  • Collaborative workstation study room keys may be checked out at the library circulation desk with an Owl/Library card. At least three (3) group members must be present at the time of checkout.
  • The rooms are charged out for 2 hours, renewable once.

Collaborative study room

Academic activities such as FAU/PBSC course assignments, tutorial sessions, library research, and creative media development have priority over non-academic activities such as personal e-mail, or general web browsing.

These workstations may be used for game-based learning for the development and research of scholarly educational games or mobile applications.  This may include research in the creation of reference, informational, mapping,  languages, music, foreign relations, medical games or mobile applications.                                                

Please be advised that entering personal or confidential information such as a social security number or a credit card number may not be kept confidential on any public terminal. Proceed at your own risk.

See the Computers & Computing Areas library web page for information on available software.  FAU Office of Information Technology (OIT) has computer labs throughout campus with specialized software.

Questions regarding public service policies should be directed to Dawn Smith, Assistant Dean, Public Services.

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