Medical Collection's Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Library's address?
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Fl. 33431
Wimberly Library| Bldg #3
College of Medicine| Bldg #71
Drop-ins: Hennekens Library and Technology Hub| COM102
Office: COM122

The medical librarians have offices in the main campus Wimberly library as well as maintain a College of Medicine office and staff an interactive service point  located in the Hennekens Library & Technology Hub for a minimum of 16 hours a week.  The availability of librarians are subject to change: please email ahead to inquire about current Hub availability if you wish to drop in. Consultations and training appointments can be arranged on request outside Hub hours. 

Are there guest spots to park in? 

Yes. There are limited Meter Maid guest parking outside the library in lot 19, and near the CoM's south side. For a map view, please refer to the parking map available via FAU's Parking and Transportation Service's website

Please note that Meter Maids will employ a technology that uses Pay by Plate and are $2/hour payable by credit card only. The technology will allow parking enforcement officers to scan a license plate and immediately view their paid/unpaid status. 

Yellow guest passes may also be purchased that will allow you to park in any blue (student) lot. You should not park in a metered spot if you have purchased a yellow guest pass. Visitors with a yellow pass can park in any blue lot. A list of alternative blue lots can be found using the FAU Parking and Transportation Services' campus wide parking map. Please see their main website at fau.edu/parking or click here to view parking as well as purchase passes. 

Where can I find a campus map?

A PDF map of the FAU campus can be accessed HERE

A Google parking map of the FAU campus can be accessed HERE

How do I get to the Wimberly library from the College of Medicine? 

From the south entrance of the College of Medicine, start walking west until you have walked through the Behavioral Sciences Building (BS-12). Turn left and walk south on the Breezeway until you see the Hillel Jewish Life Center. Turn right once you pass it and continue until you walk by the Chick-fil-a. S.E. Wimberly Library will be on your right. 

Where can I study in the library? Is there a grad lounge for medical students?

The library has both group tables as well as individual study carrels located on all five floors, and in both the east and west wings. Individual study spaces can be found on 1E, 2E, 2W, 3E, 3W, and 4E. Collaborative group tables can be found on 1E, 1W, 2E, 2W, 3E, 5E. 

Small and large group study rooms can be checked out at the Service Desk in the lobby on a first come-first serve basis. Individual study rooms are now available. For more details regarding study rooms please visit the Space and Room Usage Policy Section VI, subheading C. 

The grad study lounge is located on the second floor, west wing of the library and has the same hours as the library. To enter, swipe your owl card. A grad lounge group study room is available to be checked out at the Service Desk on a first come-first serve basis. To view the graduate student lounge policy, click here.

Do you have a quiet room for reflection?

The Serenity Room, located in LY347, has been established to provide a quiet space for members of the FAU community to pray, meditate, and reflect. It is a non-denominational space available for use mostly on a first-come, first-served basis. Some time-sensitive uses may be scheduled. Access to the room will require an active FAU Owl card. 


Who do I contact in the Medical Library if I need help?

TBD*, Department Head & Senior Medical Librarian, Co-Director, Lifelong Learning & Discovery Thread (College of Medicine)
Email: TBD*
Phone Number: (Library) 561-297-4103* 

  • *This position is currently vacant, and contact information will be updated once the search and hiring process has been completed. Please contact the department email or Tiffany Follin in the meantime. Please note  that the phone number provided is for your reference but will not be monitored until the position is filled. 


Tiffany Follin, Medical Liaison and Outreach Librarian
Email: tfollin@health.fau.edu
Phone Number: 561-297-0689

  • Tiffany Follin is the primary medical library contact person for all off-campus clinical faculty, all residents, and FAU's COM community partners. In addition, she acts as a liaison between various parties and the library resources. 


Medical Department

Email: librarymed@fau.edu 

Hub phone number: 561-297-4005

For in-person help with a medical library question, do I need to make an appointment?

Hub hours are available for drop-ins, and drop-ins outside of Hub Hours are welcomed although appointments are appreciated. 

What if I need help after hours?

You may email the medical library at any time of day or night and we will respond as soon as possible. If your query needs immediate attention outside of standard business hours, there are several alternative options to try. 

Live chat: 
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-Midnight
Friday & Saturday: 10am- 5pm. 

FAU Library Services desk: (561) 297-6911
Sunday, noon- Friday, 6:00pm (24/5 hours)
Saturday: 10:30am- 6:00pm


I have a current affiliate clinical faculty contract with FAU's College of Medicine; can I access the collection?

YES! Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine clinical faculty are entitled to access many of the library's print and online resources. If you have a current contract with the College of Medicine, we are here to help you access those resources. 

A full list of authorized borrowers can be found here that lists your borrowing privileges. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tiffany Follin at tfollin@health.fau.edu

What is EZproxy/Off Campus Connect?

EZProxy/ Off Campus Connect is a way to let the system know that you are currently affiliated with FAU. Because many of the databases offered by the FAU Libraries are restricted to currently registered students, staff, and faculty of FAU, signing into EZproxy is the “handshake” that welcomes you into our online facility.

It is important that it is only you that uses your FAUnet ID, and your ID is not used by anyone else. FAU Libraries must follow the licensing agreements of database providers and the use of your FAUnet ID and password by anyone else other than yourself would be in direct violation of licensing agreements. 

You do not have to sign into EZproxy if using a campus computer.

How can I find my FAUnet ID/reset my password?

If you have forgotten your FAUnet ID/password, you may use the FAU Self-services portal herehttps://accounts.fau.edu/SelfService 

You can also contact OIT to retrieve your FAUnet ID and/or reset your password. 

OIT Phone number: 561-297-3999

Who can use my FAUnet ID?

Only the person who the FAUnet ID belongs to may use the ID. Due to the licensing agreements of providers, your FAUnet ID should not be given or used by anyone other than yourself. If you think it may be being used by someone else, please change your password to safeguard your privileges to the FAU Libraries resources. 

What are the Library's hours? Are there any 24-Hour days?    

 To view the current Wimberly Library hours, including any changes due to holidays or intercession, click here


On Monday, February 11th, 2019 the library went 24/5. Students, faculty, residents, and staff are able to access the building from noon on Sundays until 6 pm on Fridays. Saturday hours remain the same. Please note that from 9pm- 8am, a valid Owl card will be required to enter, remain, or re-enter the building, and public access is restricted during this time. 

To read the full 24/5 library news release, click here

To read the new Entry/Exit policy, click here


Can the public access the medical library's resources? Are there restricted hours?

The medical library is a part of the Wimberly Library and the public can access the physical building. Please note that guests are allowed in the building during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8 am-9 pm
Friday: 8 am-6 pm
Saturday: 10:30 am-6 pm
Sunday: Noon-9 pm
(Hours vary during intersession.)

All persons entering (or re-entering) the building before 8am or after 9pm must swipe a valid Owl or Panther card.

For details regarding guest access to library resources, tools, & services please see this list: 

  • Computers: guest passes are available. Please see the library service desk for the password. 
  • Wi-Fi: "FAUguest" wireless network is available. Directions for connecting your device can be found here
  • Printing: guests can self register for a printing account here. Please see the library service desk with any questions when on-site. 
  • Parking: Guests can park in metered spots or purchase visitor passes to park in blue lots. More info here
  • Books: Guests can check out books with a Friends of the FAU Libraries membership or a SEFLIN One Card. Contact the library service desk with questions; more info here
  • Online journals/databases: Please note that guests can access journals and databases but some may be restricted to CoM users based on licensing agreements. 



Do I need an OwlCard? 

While an OwlCard is necessary to have if you would like to check out print material or access the physical building*, you can access the online library materials by using only your FAUNet ID and password to log in via EZProxy/Off Campus Connect. 

If you would like to request articles through the libraries' Interlibrary loan (ILL) department, you will need a valid Owl Card to create an account.

*A valid OwlCard is required to access & remain in the library from 9 pm to 8 am, Sunday through Friday. Public access is restricted during this time frame. 

*Effective 8/15/2019, faculty, residents, students, and staff will need an OwlCard to access the building during all library business hours. Accommodations will be made for public access: guests will be required to show credentials upon entry. Please call the Service Desk at (561) 297-6911 with any questions. 

Who do I contact regarding my OwlCard? 

If you need Owl Card password assistance/resets, please contact OIT at 561-297-3999. 


If you are an affiliate clinical faculty member and would like to request an Owl Card, please contact your department's coordinator:  

Integrated Medical Science:

Stephanie Gabrielsen
Coordinator, Faculty Affairs and Integrated Medical Science
Email: sgabrielsen@health.fau.edu 


Hillary Cohen
Senior Coordinator, Surgery Department 
Email: hdcohen@health.fau.edu 

If you are a faculty, resident, student, or staff member and need a replacement Card:

 Please visit the Owl Card Center on campus. 



I can't find my OwlCard... can I still access EZProxy without it?

Yes. Use your FAU NetID and password when signing into EZProxy by clicking on the “FAUNetID Sign On” box located on the left side of the Off Campus Connect login page. If you do not remember your password, call OIT at 561-297-3999 to reset. 

Do I need my OwlCard to enter/exit the S.E. Wimberly library? 

Yes. During the library's 24/5 hours of operation (Sunday-Friday), public access is restricted from 9pm-8am and a valid Owl Card or Panther ID is required to enter, remain, or re-enter the building. 

Effective 8/14/2019, the gates will be now be active during the day and require card swipe to enter and leave the building. Accommodations will be made for public access during guest hours: please be prepared to show credentials upon entry. Please call the Service Desk at (561) 297-6911 with any questions. 

If a question arises about legitimate credentials for the Library, the Access Services staff reserve the right to approve or deny entry. 

To read the new Entry/Exit policy, click here

I can’t find my OwlCard... can I still check out print materials?

Unfortunately you cannot check out print materials without your Owl Card.

  • If you are a clinical faculty and need a replacement card, please contact Stephanie Gabrielsen at sgabrielsen@health.fau.edu if you are an Integrated Medicine affiliate, or Hillary Cohen at hdcohen@health.fau.edu  if you are a surgery affiliate. 


  • Faculty, residents, students, and staff will need to visit the owl card center for a replacement. Please see their page here

If you find yourself in the library without your OwlCard, material can be placed on a 24 hour hold shelf located at the Services Desk. 

Does my Owl Card grant me access to the grad lounge in the library?

Medical students and residents have access to the graduate lounge located on the second floor west in the library. Simply have your activated Owl Card in hand to swipe for entry access. The lounge hours are the same as the library’s. 

To activate your Owl Card, stop by the Services Desk. 


What is "Find it @ FAU"?

When searching in one of the FAU Libraries electronic resources, Find it @ FAU provides direct links from a citation in one database to the full text of that article (when available) in another FAU Libraries database.

The direct link may take you to the full text article within an electronic journal or an electronic book. Find it @ FAU will also link you to the FAU Libraries catalog so that you can check to see if FAU owns the item. If we don't and the full-text is not available online, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).

When you are searching the FAU Libraries databases, you may be in a database which provides access to full-text articles only, citations and some full-text articles, or citations only. If you are searching in a database where you do not have immediate access to the full text, clicking on the button will provide the following options when available:

• view the full text of the article online by linking to another FAU Libraries database
• check the FAU Library Catalog to see if FAU owns a book or journal and whether it's available
• request delivery of the article, book, or document from Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

(Options may differ depending upon the citation you select). 

I found an article but I am told I need to pay for it/ am not able to access it. What does this mean?

If you encounter this message while off campus, it is possible you were not signed into EZproxy when you started your search. 

Troubleshoot by opening a new window and signing into OffCampus Connect/EZproxy

If already signed in, the article may be unavailable and need to be requested through Interlibrary Loan. 

If you have questions regarding ILL or are still experiencing a problem with the article access, contact Tiffany Follin at tfollin@health.fau.edu

I found/ need an article but FAU does not have access to it! What do I do? 

All CoM persons have access to Interlibrary loan (ILL) privileges and can create an account using their OwlCard. This ILL account allows users to place requests for articles the libraries does not provide access to.  

Feel free to email Tiffany Follin at tfollin@health.fau.edu to confirm that the Library does not have access to the article through an alternate source, or if you have questions regarding account creation and/or how to place requests. 


Can I suggest an item for purchase if I can't find it in the FAU Library collection? 

Absolutely! You may make suggestions for purchase by filling out the electronic form located here

Suggestions will be taken into consideration when funding is available, but cannot be guaranteed for purchase. Please feel free to check if you are able to obtain the material through ILL in the meantime. 

Our Collection Development policy can be found here

Is searching the library catalog different than searching SearchWISE?

Yes. The Library catalog will search material owned by FAU Libraries and tell you if they are available to check out. SearchWISE is a comprehensive search tool that allows you to also search and look through online articles, journals, and databases. 

When I search for material, I see a blue UBorrow tab at the top of the page. What is it and how is it different than ILL?

UBorrow is similar to ILL in that both are services for bringing material into FAU from an outside source. You will receive an email when material arrives and they will be kept at the Circulation desk for pickup anytime during library hours. The difference is that UBorrow allows you to directly request materials from participating libraries within Florida’s state university/college library system. Material tends to be delivered more quickly but the drawback is that only hard copy materials may be requested at this time. If you are searching for an article, UBorrow may not be the best option.

UBorrow also is accessible with your OwlCard barcode and does not require you to sign up for an account. 

Where can I find a specific medical database?

On the Medical Library Portal, the frequently used databases can be accessed by clicking the “Research & Point  of Care” hyperlink on the left side of the page. If the database you are looking for is not listed, click the “all medical databases” hyperlink which will lead you to the list of all Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Databases. Either search for the database using the search box or scroll through the list provided. 

Alternatively via the main library page, you can click on the gray “Databases” tab located in the blue box in the center of the page. Either search for the database using the "search for database" box or you may choose to bring up a list of medical specific databases to browse: click the "subjects" box to drop down a menu, then scroll to select "Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Databases.”

Where can I find a specific medical journal?

On the Medical Library Portal, the “E-Journals” hyperlink can be accessed by clicking the "Research & Point of Care" hyperlink on the left side of the page. You may either look for a specific journal using the “search” box, browse by alphabetical journal title, or browse by discipline  

Alternatively via the main library home page, you can click the gray “Journals” tab located in the blue box in the center of the page. Enter a title to search, or choose to "browse" journals. 

Does the medical library have any tutorials on specific databases or resources? 

Yes, the department provides online tutorials in our Guides. We are also working to create video tutorials. If you have suggestions for video tutorial topics for learning and exploring library resources, please feel free to email Tiffany Follin at tfollin@health.fau.edu for consideration.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) 

How do I sign up for an ILL Account? 

Click HERE to create an ILL account. 


If the above does not work, here are the directions to access the "create an account" page: 

  • Click on the red “Create an ILL Account” hyperlink on the Interlibrary Loan homepage.
  • Look for the red “Click Here” hyperlink at the bottom of the next page, click it.
  • Fill in the form and hit “submit.”
  • If you have questions about the process or experience a problem, please contact Tiffany at 561-297-3642 or email at tfollin@health.fau.edu

The Interlibrary loan office can also be contacted directly at 561-297-0563

What is the cost of using ILL?

The cost of ILL is usually free. Basic shipping costs are covered by the FAU Library: Faculty requests are subsidized up to $25 per request while Grad student requests are subsidized up to $12 per request. If a material costs more than that amount due to copyright fees or other reasons, FAU Library will not automatically charge you. You will be given the option to to pay the difference to bring in the material, and your request canceled if you wish not to do so. 

I still have more questions... what next? 

Reach out to Tiffany anytime with your questions! 

You can also head straight to ILL's FAQ page, HERE, and see if your question is answered.  


I don't see my question here and think it should be. Who can I send a suggestion to? 

We appreciate any feedback you would like to give and of course would like to make this page more informative to those who reference it. Please send your question to the medical department email, librarymed@health.fau.edu, for consideration. 

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