Research Checklist - Step 2

Find Resources

Find Library Materials

The next step in the research process is to find resources. The FAU Libraries owns many types of materials, such as:

  • Books and eBooks
  • Articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers (periodicals)
  • Streaming Videos and DVDs
  • Special Collections and Archives
  • Government Information and Maps

Use OneSearch to find these resources by using keywords from your topic to find library materials. For a quick introduction to using OneSearch, see our tutorials.

Browse Periodicals

Periodicals such as journals, magazines, and newspapers contain articles. These usually fall under the following categories:

  • Scholarly, Peer Reviewed Journals. These type of periodicals report the results of scholarly research and are written by subject experts.
  • Trade or Industry Journals. These publications focus on particular industries or trade organizations, and generally do not report on research or new knowledge in a field.
  • Newspapers. Newspapers such as Palm Beach Post and Sun Sentinel feature local, national, and international news written by reporters.
  • Popular Magazines. Their focus is on current events, entertainment, or hobbies. The articles are written by journalists, and include extensive color photography and advertisements.

FAU Libraries owns many journals in an electronic, online format. Use the E-Journals page to find electronic journals or browse them by discipline. Go to the Library Catalog to find specific print journals.

Locate Articles

Databases. Databases are online collections of periodicals and other materials. They provide access to articles and journals from various types of publications, as well as statistics, dissertations, or reports. To use a database, go to the Indexes/Databases page. Use the A-Z list to select a particular database or the Databases by Subject link for certain subject areas.

Full-Text. Many databases include full-text articles. If the citation of an item you want does not link to its full text, select the icon Find It @ FAU to find full text in other databases. If an item is not available online, the next step is to check the Library Catalog to see if the library has it in a print format. Interlibrary Loan service is available if an item is not available through a database.

A Note on Websites. Some professors may not allow the use of websites in assignments and most forbid the use of sites such as Wikipedia. On the other hand, many reputable organizations provide quality information through their websites. Websites by educational, research, or government entities often provide reliable information; otherwise, use other sites with caution. A professor or librarian can assist in selecting or recommending good sites.

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